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These 18+ teens are addicted to getting their pussies filled with gushing creampies and will do whatever it takes to finish the job. High-quality POV videos make you feel like you're part of the action as you watch petite princesses trick men into filling their tight holes with cum. – December 2023 Flavor Of The Month Britt Blair – S4:E5 added to

Princess Cum - December 2023 Flavor Of The Month Britt Blair - S4:E5

Princess CumDecember 2023 Flavor Of The Month Britt Blair – S4:E5

featuring Britt Blair and Will Pounder.

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Dec 1, 2023


Britt Blair wants a baby for Christmas, and she wants it from her stepfather Will Pounder. When Will’s wife Brooke Barclays asks Britt what she wants for Christmas, she announces that she wants a snowboard so she can dress hot as fuck and get all the guys on the mountain. Will and Brooke are surprised at the language Britt uses, but Brooke recovers by asking Britt to make a list.

Britt has just finished writing a naughty note to Santa when Brooke calls her to come here. Bouncing out of her room, Britt passes Will in the hallway. He goes in and see the note, which gives him a hot idea. With the promise of getting fucked, why wouldn’t Will dress up as the big guy himself?

True to her word, Britt is eager to suck Santa’s cock when he brings her a snowboard. She lets him squeeze her ass cheeks before slamming into her from behind as she leans over the fireplace mantle. Riding Santa’s cock is next on Britt’s naughty list, first in reverse cowgirl and then in cowgirl. They finish with Britt on her back, getting pumped full of Santa Will’s hot gift. – I Want Some Cream – S10:E6 added to

Princess Cum - I Want Some Cream - S10:E6

Princess CumI Want Some Cream – S10:E6

featuring Chloe Temple and Juan El Caballo Loco.

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Nov 3, 2023


Millie Morgan and her stepdaughter Chloe Temple are washing up the dishes when Millie’s son Juan Loco walks in. He greets his mom, but ignores Chloe. When Juan grabs the last snack, Chloe insists that it’s supposed to be hers. Millie tells Juan to share, so he breaks off a tiny piece and gives it to Chloe. She wants some cream though! When Juan won’t give her any of the pastry cream, Chloe tells him that she’ll take his instead.

Juan rolls his eyes and wanders into his room. Later, Chloe wanders in wearing just a bra and thong for her cream. Juan tells her that he’ll fuck her, but he won’t give her his cream. Rather than argue, Chloe crawls into bed with Juan and begins sucking his hardon. Her deep throat delight is matched only by her eagerness to get Juan between her thighs.

Chloe takes the initial pussy pounding on her back, thighs spread apart. When she gets on her knees, Juan keeps their party going in doggy. She rolls onto her side to enjoy some spooning sex and then climbs on top of Juan to ride him in cowgirl. Knowing that Juan is ready to blow his load, Chloe sinks all the way down on the D and stays there until he gives her all that hot cream. – Stepsis Gets Dirty After A Bath – S10:E5 added to

Princess Cum - Stepsis Gets Dirty After A Bath - S10:E5

Princess CumStepsis Gets Dirty After A Bath – S10:E5

featuring Nikki Nutz and Ohana Petite.

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Oct 22, 2023


Ohana Petite gets horny every time she takes a bath. Now that she has a new stepbrother in Nikki Nutz, Ohana has a whole new outlet for that passion. Putting her plan into action, she calls her stepbro in to request that he bring her a towel to help her dry off from her bubble bath.

Nikki tries to look away, but Ohana asks him to dry her in very specific and sensual spots. Feeling Nikki’s junk, Ohana confirms that he has a massive hardon. Needing no further encouragement, Ohana leads Nikki to the bedroom where she pulls that stiffie out to deliver a BJ that leaves Nikki putty in her hands.

When Ohana shifts her position so that she can sink down onto that cock, Nikki just hangs on for the ride. Spooning behind Ohana, Nikki flexes his hips for both their pleasure. Then he gets his stepsis on her knees so he can pound into in doggy. Climbing back on top of Nikki, Ohana rides his cock until he’s ready to blow. She stays there, pressed down and fully impaled, as she milks Nikki of his creampie. – Stepsister Is A Dirty Slut – S10:E4 added to

Princess Cum - Stepsister Is A Dirty Slut - S10:E4

Princess CumStepsister Is A Dirty Slut – S10:E4

featuring Ricky Spanish and River Lynn.

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Oct 4, 2023


River Lynn is obsessed with cum. When her stepbrother, Ricky Spanish, asks her on a date, River sees an opportunity. She tells him that she doesn’t think he can handle her. After talking dirty, River offers to let Ricky handle her at her best and give her what she wants. She leaves the room to let Ricky think on that for a while.

Later, while Ricky is doing his homework, River corners him in his room. She tells him that if he still thinks he can handle her, to pull his cock out. A little bit flustered at his stepsister’s naughty demands, Ricky is slow to comply at first. River struts towards him slowly, peeling off her miniskirt dress along the way to reveal some stunning red lingerie. When Ricky finally gets his hardon out of his pants, River comes down on him with a deep throat BJ that leaves him gasping.

After peeling off her thong and bra, River crawls on top of Ricky and rubs her cooch along his dick before sliding him home while shoving his head into her tits to suck her nips. Then she gets on her knees so Ricky can prove to her that he can be large and in charge. Ricky puts his pussy eating skills on display next, then goes for another dicking down as he fucks his stepsis in missionary. When he’s about to cum, Ricky tries to pull out only for River to wrap herself around him and keep him in for a creampie just like the bad slutty girl she is. – Stepsis Wants To Know If I Wrap It – S10:E3 added to

Princess Cum - Stepsis Wants To Know If I Wrap It - S10:E3

Princess CumStepsis Wants To Know If I Wrap It – S10:E3

featuring Andi Rose.

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Sep 28, 2023


Andi Rose sneaks into her stepbrother Anthony Pierce’s bedroom to look for condoms. When Anthony asks her what she’s doing, Andi is direct about wanting to know if he wraps it or if he pulls out or what. She follows up by asking if Anthony wants to breed her. He gives her a vehement no, but he does agree to fuck her.

Anthony begins their liaison by eating Andi out. He gets his dick sucked for his trouble, which just primes him for the next step. Rolling onto her side, Andi begs Anthony to spoon with her and shove it in from behind.

They move on to doggy as Anthony gets to enjoy a front row view of that ass. Riding in reverse cowgirl, Andi squeals as Anthony kneads her tits. Then she gets on her back so Anthony can pile drive that pussy. When Anthony tries to pull out to blow his load, Andi wraps her legs around him to keep his cum pumping into her cooch and hopefully knock her up. – You Know You Want It Too – S10:E2 added to

Princess Cum - You Know You Want It Too - S10:E2

Princess CumYou Know You Want It Too – S10:E2

featuring Candee Licious.

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Sep 5, 2023


Candee Licious’s parents are out of town and she is feeling horny. She calls up her fuck buddies to see if any of them want to come over, but they’re all busy. Candee’s stepbrother Nikki Nutz listens to Candee make call after call with growing amusement at how slutty she’s being.

When Candee comes up short yet again, she finally turns her attention to Nikki. He’s got a dick and she’s prepared to use it. Crawling over to Nikki, Candee overrides all of his objections and protestations with a hand on his thigh that slides up to the bulge in his pants. When Candee pops Nikki’s hardon out to blow him, she’s very pleased at the size. In fact, she can’t wait to fuck him!

After making a show of peeling off her shorts and pulling her thong aside, Candee slides down onto Nikki’s cock to ride him in reverse cowgirl. She needs a good dicking down and it turns out Nikki is happy to oblige as he fucks her in spooning and then on her back. When Candee gets on her knees, Nikki pumps her full of the D in doggy. She finishes off riding Nikki in cowgirl and then keeps on riding until Nikki is primed to cum. Sinking down, she milks Nikki for every drop, giving herself a creampie and plenty of satisfaction. – September 2023 Flavor Of The Month Ivi Rein – S4:E2 added to

Princess Cum - September 2023 Flavor Of The Month Ivi Rein - S4:E2

Princess CumSeptember 2023 Flavor Of The Month Ivi Rein – S4:E2

featuring Ivi Rein.

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Sep 1, 2023


Ivi Rein is never too old to play with dolls. Her game today is to get the blonde on top of her hunky guy so he can give her a creampie to make a baby. When Ivi’s stepbrother Nikki Nutz suggests that Ivi should find something more age appropriate to do, Ivi offers to play with his dick instead. Nikki declines and leaves.

Not about to take no for an answer, Ivi slips into a sexy pink dress and some high heels and struts into Nikki’s room. How can her stepbrother say no when she’s looking so fine? Practically the next thing Nikki knows, Ivi has her hands and mouth going wild on his dick as she winds him up. He enjoys a bit of pussy eating, then watches as Ivi rubs him off with her feet and hands.

When Ivi straddles Nikki’s thighs, Nikki can’t help but agree that they should definitely take things further. The cowgirl ride is super hot, leaving Nikki putty in Ivi’s hands. He fucks her as she lays on her back, then spoons as she rolls to her side. Ivi climbs onto her knees and moans as Nikki pounds her in doggy. When she can tell her stepbro is getting ready to blow his load, Ivi climbs on top to ride him in reverse cowgirl and ensure that she takes every drop of his cum for a hopeful baby of her own. – Stepsis Needs My Load – S10:E1 added to

Princess Cum - Stepsis Needs My Load - S10:E1

Princess CumStepsis Needs My Load – S10:E1

featuring Haley Spades.

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Aug 18, 2023


Haley Spades and her stepbrother, Jodie Johson, are doing homework at the table together. Jodie can’t keep her eyes off of Haley. She knows that Jodie wants her, but the real question is whether she’s bored enough to fuck him. As Jodie gets more and more antsy Haley gets up and walks over to him to see what he wants. Jodie claims that he needs help with his homework, but Haley comes on to him hard. She tells him that she wants someone to knock her up and then struts away.

Later, Haley is in her bedroom wearing an outfit that she knows Jodie won’t be able to resist: a sheer one-piece getup that’s torn at the crotch. Pretending she doesn’t know that Jodie is there, Haley waits with a big smile as her stepbro creeps in and then whips his hardon out to fuck her from behind. Once Jodie has shoved it in, Haley is soft and sweet beneath him, rocking back to meet him stroke for stroke in doggy.

Rolling onto her back, Haley has Jodie keep on pounding that puss as she rips the chest of her outfit to let her tits out. She sucks her own goo off of Jodie’s stiffie as she gets naked, then climbs on top to ride in reverse cowgirl. Turning around, Haley keeps the pussy party going in cowgirl until she can tell that Jodie is ready to bust a nut. Grinding down, Haley makes sure to get a nice creampie of all that cum in the hope she’ll get knocked up. – I Cant Breed With A Fucking Doll – S9:E10 added to

Princess Cum - I Cant Breed With A Fucking Doll - S9:E10

Princess CumI Cant Breed With A Fucking Doll – S9:E10

featuring Daisy Bean.

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Jul 28, 2023


Daisy Bean has a whole collection of dildos that she enjoys using for her pleasure. When her stepbrother, Parker Ambrose, walks in on her cleaning her toys off, Daisy is super rude to him. Parker dips out, but he can’t help but come back when he sees that Daisy has a blowup doll.

Daisy confesses that she bought the doll to try to get Parker’s dad in trouble with her mom. She’s pissed her stepdad won’t breed with her. As they’re chatting, Daisy decides Parker will do just as well as his dad. Dropping her shorts so and rolling onto the bed to pull her thong aside and show her pussy, Daisy insists that Parker do her since she certainly ca’t breed with a doll.

After he eats Daisy’s pussy, Parker gets his dick sucked. Then Daisy straddles her stepbro and impales herself on the fuck stick. Cowgirl is good, but reverse cowgirl really gets Daisy moaning. Daisy gets on her knees to get dicked down in doggy. Then she rolls onto her back so Parker can bring himself to the edge of cumming. He tries to pull out, but Daisy wraps her legs around him to make sure she gets every drop of that sweet creampie. – It Is Really Wet – S9:E9 added to

Princess Cum - It Is Really Wet - S9:E9

Princess CumIt Is Really Wet – S9:E9

featuring Demi Hawks and Tiana Blow.

Added On:

Jul 6, 2023


Demi Hawks is so upset that it’s raining. She complains about the weather to her friend Tiana Blow, who points out that summer weather can be wet. It’s still a bummer, though. The girls need to go to the store, and they just did their hair and makeup. Demi asks her stepdad, Danny Steele, to go for them, but he tells them that they won’t melt.

The girls exchange meaningful looks and go change into rain jackets. Of course, the rain jackets are clear and they’re not wearing anything underneath when they return to the living room. Danny is shocked, flipping Demi onto Tiana’s lap so he can spank her ass. When Tiana makes it clear that she’s enjoying this, Danny spanks her, too. As the girls make out side by side on their knees, Danny palms each of their pussies until they’re soaked.

Whipping his dick out, Danny continues his abject lesson by shoving it into Demi in doggy and then giving Tiana the same pussy pounding. The girls drop to their knees to suck their juices from stepdaddy’s hardon. When Danny takes a seat, Tiana rides him in reverse cowgirl and then cowgirl as he finger fucks Demi. Demi gets laid out on her back for Danny to slam back into her as Tiana muffles Demi’s moans by riding her friend’s tongue. When Danny busts a nut inside Demi, the girls share the cum as Danny finally agrees to go to the store. – Using My Juicy Pussy To Tempt My Stepbrother – S9:E8 added to

Princess Cum - Using My Juicy Pussy To Tempt My Stepbrother - S9:E8

Princess CumUsing My Juicy Pussy To Tempt My Stepbrother – S9:E8

featuring Andi Rose.

Added On:

Jun 24, 2023


Andi Rose is into her stepbrother, Juan Loco, and she’ll do whatever it takes to get his cum. Taunting Juan with her body, she stands around waiting for him to come in and ask what she’s doing. She says she’s tempting him and his snake, then grabs an apple to symbolize the naughty biblical act.

Later, Juan walks into his bedroom to find Andi in his bed wearing just a bra and thong. She pulls the thong aside and asks if he wants to taste his stepsister. Of fucking course he does. He goes right into that pussy, licking and sucking as Andi encourages his every move. Turning the tables on Juan, Andi springs his stiffie free from his pants and sucks him nice and deep.

Juan isn’t about to stop when Andi offers herself to him in doggy. He fucks his stepsis from behind, then lets her ride him in reverse cowgirl and cowgirl. With Andi on her back moaning and begging, Juan reenters that velvet glove. He tries to let her know he’s about to blow, but instead of letting Juan pull out Andi wraps her legs around him to get a creampie, her goal all along. – My Stepsisters Moaning – S9:E7 added to

Princess Cum - My Stepsisters Moaning - S9:E7

Princess CumMy Stepsisters Moaning – S9:E7

featuring Britt Blair.

Added On:

Jun 16, 2023


Britt Blair is constantly moaning, which leaves her new stepbrother, Zane Walker, wondering what she’s doing. Whether she’s trying to open a jar or masturbating, she sounds exactly the same! When Zane walks in on Britt moaning with the blanket on top of her, he finds that there’s a pretty and wet pussy waiting for him.

Britt invites Zane to fuck her. When he hesitates, she pulls his pants down to pop his stiffie out. Her masterful blowjob is exactly what Zane needs to make his decision. By the time Britt has him in bed and has moved on from sucking him off, Zane is raring to go.

Taking her stepbro in cowgirl, Britt rides him while moaning louder than ever. Then she gets on her knees so Zane can make her mewl in doggy. On her back, Britt spreads her thighs to invite Zane back inside her hairy twat. The blonde wants a creampie, and makes sure she gets it! When Zane freaks, Britt doubles down on assuring him that he probably got her preggo.