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Veronica Rayne

Veronica Rayne Veronica Rayne
Veronica Rayne @
Now this is what I call a "woman." Veronica is no stranger to The Minion much like I’m no stranger to high cholesterol or irregular bowel movements. Today I was out doing my crime fighting routine, you know, helping old broads cross the street and whatnot. I returned to me lair when I found Veronica Rayne, aka Mia East, in waiting for the Mighty Hercules. Take a good look at my body and you easily see why no straight chicks can turn me down. It makes you rethink your life and how bad it must suck. Anyways, Veronica treated me to a strip show and was quickly on her knees stuffing my kosher dill right down her big mouth. Her nose was just inches from my asshole (which still has that new car smell) and she was in hog heaven. I tasted her pussy and ass and it reminded me to clean out my cat’s litter box. She couldn’t wait to get my fat load on her face which was a vast improvement of what was already there.
Veronica Rayne Veronica Rayne

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