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Tiffany Holliday

Tiffany Holliday Tiffany Holliday
Tiffany Holliday @
Tiffany Holiday……what the fuck was I thinking when I allowed this street walker into my home? My nose candy must have been laced with something gnarly because I would have never given Ms. Holiday the time of day for her to use her mouth as a cock garage for my meaty member. She did dress like a little slut which I loved. I’m sure she had a shank in her stockings which reminds me to have all future sluts go through a metal detector. I had a hefty check dangling to convince her that sucking my dong would benefit her, her bank, and her drug dealer. Once she knew where her bread was buttered she quickly sucked down my python as I treated my nose to somce candy since it had been an entire 5 minutes since I had last done so. I couldn’t wait to drop my load in her mouth so I could go to bed for the first time in 10 days.

Tiffany Holliday Tiffany Holliday

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