Blacks on Blondes

Jennifer White

Jennifer White @ Ms. White is definitely one of the hottest teachers on campus and she has heard it all during her time. From all the comments from the male students about how they have fucked so and so and how much they want to fuck her. She’s heard it all. Today may have …

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Aria Banks

Aria Banks @ Aria is shocked to discover she has been thrown off the most popular social media platform going – Dik Tok. She had over a million followers and now none. Well this little aspiring social media superstar is not going to take this without a fight. She immediately gets on the phone …

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Kyler Quinn

Kyler Quinn @ Kyler was taught by her mother to always welcome new people to the neighborhood. It has been a tradition to bring a gift like a cake to any new neighbors who move in. So when Kyler sees the moving van and the two men move into the big house on top …

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Skylar Vox

Skylar Vox @ Skylar is looking to bring a roadie on her upcoming tour. She is a professional stripper highly in demand on the club circuit and she needs somebody to be with her selling merchandise, managing her show, personal bodyguard and most of all – a sexual confidante who will always be there …

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Kali Roses

Kali Roses @ Kali is finally a free Woman. She completed her divorce and it’s time to celebrate. She reached out to one of her old hookups Jason to see if he could help her out. She wants a party that will stretch her pussy out and remake it for single life again. Jason, …

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