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Plow My White Hole

Plow My White Hole Plow My White Hole
Plow My White Hole @
Hi Guys! I’d love to write more, but it’s finals week, and I have LOTS of studying to do! ANY-ways, my pal L.T. is back for more. I love all 10 of his inches, as I’m sure your wives and girlfriends would, too. Hey, here’s an idea – why not take your favorite gal out this weekend to a good old-fashioned colored juke joint and grab some Black Bulls and let her get plowed while you watch? I’m so serious! It’s a rush!! I know…cause my boyfriend is telling me all about it (hint hint). Maybe he’ll quit being shy and come on camera with me! OK! I’m off to study again! I’m hoping to pass my Physics class with at least a B… *crosses fingers* ; – ) XOXOXOX – Spring

Plow My White Hole Plow My White Hole

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