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Phoebe Phoebe
Phoebe @
Oh goodness gracious look who gets blackened this week at my site…none other than teenie-bopper super slut Phoebe. And I have to tell you…this week’s update will amaze even the folks who know the Power of Black Dick. Here’s why: ever see a white girl "cream" a black dick? It’s a phenomenon that rarely occurs with the white man…but when the Black Man fucks a white pussy, a lot of times you’ll see our cum start spotting on his dick. And if there’s a lot, it gets really "creamy", just like a vanilla ice cream cone melting on black pavement on a hot summer day. Well, all I can say is wait till you see what happens to Phoebe this week, and how much ice cream melts all over the pavement… ; – ) XOXO – Ruthie.

Phoebe Phoebe

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