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New England Photography Guild features the work of a juried group of photographers and videographers who share a passion for fine art and videos. – May 2024 Fantasy Of The Month – S46:E19 added to

Nubile Films - May 2024 Fantasy Of The Month - S46:E19

Nubile FilmsMay 2024 Fantasy Of The Month – S46:E19

featuring Betzz and Nick Ross.

Added On:

May 1, 2024


By day, Betzz is a ballerina. She has plenty of practice to do, but she also live streams it so her fans can watch. One of those fans is Nick Ross, her boyfriend.

As soon as Betzz is done with her cooldown, she slips into the room where Nick is watching her stream. She comes in for a kiss and finds him just as horny as she had hoped he would be. Nick makes quick work of getting his hands all over Betzz’s smooth skin and hot tits. Then she sinks between his thighs to blow him right in her ballerina getup.

A convenient hole in the crotch of her tights gives Betzz the opportunity to grant Nick easy access. She slides into Nick’s lap and impales herself right through those tights, taking him into her tight twat. Then she rides like crazy, indulging herself completely.

Shedding her clothes, Betzz turns around to go for it in reverse cowgirl. Her smooth twat pulses around Nick’s nice dick as she enjoys every inch of him. She falls to her side so Nick can spoon with her from behind. He takes her with all the reverence Betzz deserves.

Back in Nick’s lap, Betzz rides in reverse cowgirl one last time. Nick pistons up into her velvet glove, leaving them both gasping. In return, Nick dicks Betzz down on her back until he’s about to blow. Betzz has just enough time to get on her knees and finish the job, leaving herself and her boyfriend equally sated.