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Missy Monroe

Missy Monroe Missy Monroe
Missy Monroe @
I gotta check hospital records to see if Missy Monroe was dropped on her head as a child. This weeks slut is a true winner and it’s a wonder she can even dress herself in the morning let alone blink without being told to do so. I was sniffing my morning powder when Missy Monroe, a rocket scientist she ain’t, came to my in hopes of milking my dick for " herbal medicine" money. I figured that since I donate to Jerry’s Kids then I might as well throw this moron a few dollars to drain my balls. I couldn’t wait to dumy my load on this waste of space since I felt I was getting losing brain cells each minute I was near her. I don’t know what’s become of Missy Monroe but it’s safe to say that she won’t be giving college lectures anytime soon.

Missy Monroe Missy Monroe

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