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Marissa Marcel

Marissa Marcel Marissa Marcel
Marissa Marcel @
Going down on this beaner reminded me to fumigate my house for rats, mice, and roaches. Her hygiene left something to be desired but that didn’t stop me from chowing down on her labia as if it was all you can eat beef ribs. Once I became my alter ego, Super Minion, her attitude changed and she had a smile as if she just saw the worlds largest pinata stuffed with tamales. I gotta give her credit and admit that she did suck a mean dick . I wa lucky to have this fine ass latina sucking my dick but the luckiest one there was her for obvious reasons. After I spilled my DNA she told me of how it reminded her of growing up in a 1 bedroom house with 12 relatives. It creeped me out.

Marissa Marcel Marissa Marcel

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