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Gia Gold

Gia Gold Gia Gold
Gia Gold @
I need to have my eyes checked since Gia resembled a holocaust survivor more than a porn star. I’ve taken shits that weigh more and look better than her. She cruised by Casa de Minion because she needed money for a lawyer so she could get her kid back. I say she needed a hamburger instead but that’s just my opinion! I wish I didn’t blow my load earlier on some other worthless cumrag slut so I could pop faster with Gia. Luckily, for her, my pussy eating skills haven’t gone south much like her self esteem so I was able to enjoy sticking my tongue up where babies come from. Keep rewatching the popshot and you can almost see her soul leave her body and that’s the sign of a job well done on my part.

Gia Gold Gia Gold

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