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Estelle Estelle
Estelle @
I had this little English slut named Estelle over for a workout. I’m her personal trainer. I showed her how to work the pec deck, and the ab machine, and the bench press, and just when she thought she had enough, I had Boz come over for a little more training. Black Cock Slut Training! Estelle went wild for Boz’s over-sized black dick. What girl wouldn’t lose their mind over 13 inches of Black Delight? Her eyes rolled into the back of her eyes as Boz railed her tight, Black Dick Virgin pussy. Boz broke her cherry, so to speak, and I heard she just recently broke up with her white boyfriend! Sorry Charlie! HAHAHA — these are the dangers of letting your gal play with Ruthie! XOXO

Estelle Estelle

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