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New England Photography Guild features the work of a juried group of photographers and videographers who share a passion for fine art and videos. – I Aced Her Hole – S2:E3 added to

Dating My Stepson - I Aced Her Hole - S2:E3

Dating My StepsonI Aced Her Hole – S2:E3

featuring Alex Charger and Micky Muffin.

Added On:

Jan 25, 2024


This season on Dating My Stepson, we have three hot milfs and three eager stepsons to mix and match. On today’s episode, Micky Muffin is going on a date with Alex Charger. They’re going golfing, although Micky doesn’t know anything about it.

Alex is fine with showing Micky the ropes, especially as Micky shows off her thong when she leans forward in her cute miniskirt. Things are going great until Micky accidentally hits Alex in the dick with her golf club. That cuts the date short as Micky leads Alex inside. Alex coaxes Micky into massaging his cock because he claims it helps him feel better. She offers to kiss his booboo, which is all the excuse she needs to stroke and suck Alex down.

Peeling off her thong, Micky goes ahead and spears herself on Alex’s hardon to ride him. There’s no question about their chemistry as Alex pushes Micky onto her back and bangs her, then gets her on her knees and pulls her hair in doggy. Shifting to reverse cowgirl, Micky rides Alex for all she’s worth until he aces her hole with a big fat creampie that helps him forget all about his injury.