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New England Photography Guild features the work of a juried group of photographers and videographers who share a passion for fine art and videos. – Making Stepbro Rise And Shine – S6:E1 added to

Cum Swapping Sis - Making Stepbro Rise And Shine - S6:E1

Cum Swapping SisMaking Stepbro Rise And Shine – S6:E1

featuring Simon Kitty, Tommy Gold and Zazie.

Added On:

Apr 4, 2024


Simon Kitty and her friend Zazie are feeling the urge to fuck around with Simon’s stepbrother Tommy Gold. They sneak into his bedroom while he’s asleep. When the girls take the covers off Tommy and find him nice and hard in his boxer briefs, he wants to know what on earth they’re doing.

The girls proceed to tease Tommy with their bodies. Simon shows off her big titties to entice him into pulling his dick out. The girls share their prize, working together to suck and slurp that nice stiffie. When Tommy realizes Simon and Zazie want more than to blow him, he’s all for it.

Zazie takes Tommy on first, riding in cowgirl as Simon sits on his face. Eventually Simon lifts her twat so Zazie can eat her out as she keeps riding. Scooting forward, Simon sinks down on Tommy’s dick in reverse cowgirl. Tommy dicks his stepsis down as they spoon as Simon muffles her moans eating Zazie out. Then Zazie gest on her belly so Tommy can fuck her in doggy while she laps at Simon’s snatch. When Zazie rolls to her back, Tommy reenters her until she’s squealing. Only then does he gives Simon a mouthful of cum to swap and snowball with her BFF.