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Cum Swapping Sis - Giving Stepbro Something To Do - S5:E10

Cum Swapping SisGiving Stepbro Something To Do – S5:E10

featuring Jade Maris, Juan El Caballo Loco and Liz Jordan.

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Mar 16, 2024


Jade Maris and Liz Jordan are both dick obsessed. The girls are just doodling when Jade’s stepbrother Juan Loco comes in and announces he’s bored. He asks the girls if they want to do a challenge. They are game, but they collectively can’t decide on a challenge. After a few stalled attempts, they seem to settle on something when Liz challenges Juan to decide whose tits are whose.

Juan aces the boob challenge, so the girls decide to see if he can tell who’s sucking him off. They hide beneath the covers, but Juan tell it’s Liz’s mouth on his cock. The trio agrees that their next challenge can be whose pussy feels better. Juan gets to enjoy Liz’s pussy first as she rides him, then Jade’s as she goes for it in the same position.

When Juan claims he can’t tell which is better, the girls keep trying. Liz goes for a reverse cowgirl ride, and then Jade gets on her knees so Juan can pound her in doggy as she eats Liz out. Liz rolls onto her back so Jade can ride her tongue as Juan gives it to her between her thighs. Finally, the girls work together to bring Juan off until he pops in their mouths and gives them a nice nut to play with and swap.