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Crissy Cums

Crissy Cums Crissy Cums
Crissy Cums @
This bitch lived up to her name. Before she had a mouth full of kosher pork she told me how much she loved sucking dick. I made her prove it by blowing my pizza guy (hey, free pie!) in order to prove she wasn’t full of shit. After my personal photopgrapher snapped some pictures I decided it was time for her to earn her keep. She got naked real fast and was soon on her knees blowing my Jew Pole. Our eyes met and I was instantly inlove until I remembered that you can’t make a ho a housewife; remember that, fellas. After hovering above her and sniffing my goods I thought of her swallowing my babies and that got me really going. Crissy Cums is out of the business much like many girls here. I’m starting to notice a pattern.

Crissy Cums Crissy Cums

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