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Sledge @ Hey guys! Today I get to do something very very special with Sledge. Can you guess what it is? ANAL! I don’t do this too often and hardly ever with a big black dick. And Sledge has a very big black donger. It’s going to be like a beer bottle in my …

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Ices 12 Inch Black Cock

Ices 12 Inch Black Cock @ OMG you guys! Looks who came back. It’s ICE COLD. Ice prolly has the biggest dick I have ever taken. I mean, most guys I fuck are big, atleast 9 inches. But I think Ice is over 12". There is only one other person I know of that’s …

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Shane Diesel

Shane Diesel @ OMG you guys. Look who it is! SHANE DIESEL! Now my sister Spring loves Shane. You can tell when you watch her scenes. And what’s not to love? He’s tall, dark and has one of the biggest dicks in the world. I think some study was done, and Shane was in …

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Johns Gigantic Black PeePee

Johns Gigantic Black PeePee @ John E Depth is one of my sisters most favorite guys in the world. I get to have a little taste of what she’s talkin’ about here. I mean, he’s tall, has a nice six pack and a huge cock… oh yah and he’s black duh! His cock was …

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Blowin Loads On My Ass

Blowin Loads On My Ass @ Silvio and his friend Kirk James are all over me today. Why? We are sitting around waiting for our scenes to start. Then they just ask me to fuck and suck and I say yes. We had fun. The craziest part is Kirk’s big good load all over …

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