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Two In The Pink

Two In The Pink @ Today’s Sunday and I thought I’d get some double Black Cock action before I go to church. I met these two boys in a parking lot downtown and they took me back to their apartment to treat me like the slut I am. I’ve always wanted a Double Penetration …

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My Boo Boo

My Boo Boo @ BAAAAAH!!! I fell down and got a boo-boo! I fell down a long staircase & couldn’t get up. Luckily I had my cell phone with me and called some of my boys to help. They told me they know some medical stuff, so I let them check me out. First …

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My New Black Boyfriend

My New Black Boyfriend @ Ice is my new boyfriend …this week anyway, hehe. He’s such a ghetto homie. He wears his pants down low like all the ghetto homies, but I know thats just because his cock is so big that it cant fit into normal pants. But today he was a little …

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Dieting On Black Cum

Dieting On Black Cum @ Jason & Ace are here today. I was telling them that I’m on a diet and exercising & they got mad at me. They like my ass "juicy". LOL. They like my ass the way it is… but I’m a little sensitive to talking about my ass at all …

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