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Mom Wants To Breed – Stepmom Wants Cream Filling On Easter – S4:E5 added to

Mom Wants To Breed - Stepmom Wants Cream Filling On Easter - S4:E5

Mom Wants To BreedStepmom Wants Cream Filling On Easter – S4:E5

featuring Jessica Ryan and Nick Strokes.

Added On:

Mar 22, 2024


Nick Strokes is eating candy as his stepmom Jessica Ryan cleans up. He asks Jessica why chocolate bunnies are hollow. With a sultry smile, Jessica suggests that it’s so they can get filled with cum. It’s like a treat for milfs.

Later, Jessica comes to Nick’s room dressed as a sexy bunny. She wants that cream filling, courtesy of her stepson. With a little persuasion and a hot sloppy blowjob and titty fuck, Jessica gets Nick onboard with her plan. How could he resist such a cum hungry milf?

Jessica insists that Nick eat her pussy to really experience how wet and ready she is. Then she gets on her knees in bed and begs him to fuck her. He dicks her down in doggy, then lets his stepmommy ride him in reverse cowgirl. When Jessica lays on her back, Nick shoves balls deep into her hairy cooch and busts a nut deep inside her just before his dad walks in on them. – Stepmom Wants Cream Filling On Easter – S4:E5 added to Read More » – Whatever Stepmom Wants – S4:E4 added to

Mom Wants To Breed - Whatever Stepmom Wants - S4:E4

Mom Wants To BreedWhatever Stepmom Wants – S4:E4

featuring Brooke Barclays, Joshua Lewis and Ricky Spanish.

Added On:

Jan 26, 2024


Brooke Barclays has some serious boobage going on, and her stepson Ricky Spanish and his friend Joshua Lewis can’t stop admiring her. She overhears them talking about whether she’d go for younger men like them. Knowing that she can turn this situation to her advantage, Brooke comes around the couch to confront them about being such crepeers.

Telling the guys she won’t rat them out to their dads if they finish cleaning for her. Then she asks them to bring her some water and come massage her feet and shoulders. When the guys confirm that they will do anything at all for her, she tells them to fuck her. What they don’t know is that this voracious milf wants to breed.

Obedient to Brooke’s desires, Ricky immediately begins eating his stepmom out while Brooke turns her attention to sucking Joshua’s cock. She gets on her knees so Joshua can slam home in doggy while she feasts on Ricky’s stiffie. Riding in reverse cowgirl, Brooke takes on Ricky. Then she gives Joshua a cowgirl ride while stroking Ricky off. She ends on her back, with Ricky pumping her full of a creampie while Joshua gives those big nipple titties a nice glaze of cum. – Whatever Stepmom Wants – S4:E4 added to Read More » – Stepmom Craves My Cream – S4:E3 added to

Mom Wants To Breed - Stepmom Craves My Cream - S4:E3

Mom Wants To BreedStepmom Craves My Cream – S4:E3

featuring Chloe Amour and Ethan Seeks.

Added On:

Jan 17, 2024


Ethan Seeks has just returned from the gym and he’s covered in sweat. All he wants to do is grab a drink and go shower and change, but his stepmom Chloe Amour has other plans for him. To her, Ethan smells amazing, like a big strong man who can fill her up with sperm.

Ethan begs off for a shower first, but as soon as he’s back Chloe resumes telling him he smells good and virile. She needs him to breed her full of cum, right now. Ethan barely stops to even consider before saying yes please. Dropping to her knees, Chloe relieves Ethan of his boxers and licks him from balls to head, then sucks his dick into her mouth to blow him.

There’s no reason to take things fast since they both know where this is going, so Chloe indulges herself with her BJ until she climbs onto Ethan’s hardon to ride him. Reverse cowgirl lets Chloe change up the angle of penetration before she gets on her knees for doggy. They conclude in spooning as Ethan delivers the creampie that Chloe is craving. – Stepmom Craves My Cream – S4:E3 added to Read More » – Just Put The Tip In – S4:E2 added to

Mom Wants To Breed - Just Put The Tip In - S4:E2

Mom Wants To BreedJust Put The Tip In – S4:E2

featuring Angel Wicky and Charlie Dean.

Added On:

Dec 27, 2023


Charlie Dean is just chilling when his stepmom, Angel Wicky, insists that he help her with the laundry. Charlie tries to say no, but Angel insists. It’s surprisingly fun when he realizes that his stepmom has washed a bunch of lingerie. They have some fun chatting about it, and then Angel asks if Charlie would like to see the way it looks on her curvy figure. Going upstairs, she tells Charlie to come up in five minutes.

When Angel has changed, she calls Charlie in to admire the sheer bra and thong on her body. Angel insists that Charlie touch so he can feel how soft her tits are. Soon enough Charlie is on his knees sucking Angel’s pierced nips as she begs him to do much more. In fact, she wants Charlie to fuck her and breed her. Charlie is all too happy to oblige.

Once Angel has had her way getting to know Charlie’s dick with plenty of play, she slides down on top of him in cowgirl. She briefly sucks their combined flavors from the cock and balls, then she gets on her knees for a doggy style pussy pounding. When Angel gets on her back, Charlie takes her nice and deep, leading to them rolling to their sides to spoon. Angel finally gets her big fat creampie as she rides Charlie until he nuts inside her. – Just Put The Tip In – S4:E2 added to Read More » – Fuck Me Under The Mistletoe – S4:E1 added to

Mom Wants To Breed - Fuck Me Under The Mistletoe - S4:E1

Mom Wants To BreedFuck Me Under The Mistletoe – S4:E1

featuring Jennifer White and Parker Ambrose.

Added On:

Dec 15, 2023


Jennifer White loves Christmas and decorating for the holiday. There’s just one problem: she’s having trouble with the ladder to put the mistletoe up. She calls her stepson Parker Ambrose in to hold the ladder, where she makes sure he notices her short skirt, lack of panties, and big boobs as she climbs. She asks if Parker knows about mistletoe and then claims that you don’t kiss under it; you breed under it.

Later, dressed as Mrs. Claus, Jennifer positions herself beneath the mistletoe and calls Parker back in. She makes sure he knows that means he gets to fuck stepmilf for Christmas. That’s all the time Parker gets before he has Jennifer on her knees before him, his dick between her hot lips. He even gets a taste of his stepmom’s cream as Jennifer lays herself out in front of the Christmas tree and spreads her thighs for her stepson to eat her out.

Putting Parker on his back, Jennifer climbs aboard to ride him in reverse cowgirl. Turning around, Jennifer keeps their private Christmas party going in cowgirl. They spoon together next, with Parker diving deep. As he gets ready to cum, Parker knows that he’s pumping Jennifer full of baby batter that she hopes will breed her properly. – Fuck Me Under The Mistletoe – S4:E1 added to Read More » – My Hot Stepmom And I Make A Baby – S3:E10 added to

Mom Wants To Breed - My Hot Stepmom And I Make A Baby - S3:E10

Mom Wants To BreedMy Hot Stepmom And I Make A Baby – S3:E10

featuring Jennifer Mendez.

Added On:

Nov 16, 2023


Jennifer Mendez is washing dishes as her stepson Sam Bourne does homework at the table. He wants a new drink, so he goes into the fridge beside the sink. From that perspective, he gets a nice look at Jennifer’s big ass in its tight miniskirt. Jennifer knows that Sam is looking, so she makes sure to give him quite a show.

When it becomes clear that his stepmommy is feeling sore from doing all the dishes, Sam comes to give her a massage. Jennifer offers to massage Sam in return, in the most intimate way possible. When he accepts, Sam is treated to a blowjob that turns into a titty fuck. When they take things to the bedroom, it gets even hotter and hornier with Sam eating Jennifer out and then enjoying yet another go between his stepmom’s big bosoms.

Jennifer is already on her back, so Sam can easily shift his aim lower and slam home into her cream filled cooter. Jennifer gets her pussy plowed from behind as she’s on her knees, then titty fucks Sam yet again as he lays on his back. Since Sam is prone for her, Jennifer takes the opportunity to bounce away in reverse cowgirl and then in cowgirl. She keeps pumping him until he creampies her coochie and hopefully breeds her. – My Hot Stepmom And I Make A Baby – S3:E10 added to Read More » – Im Bigger Than Dad – S3:E9 added to

Mom Wants To Breed - Im Bigger Than Dad - S3:E9

Mom Wants To BreedIm Bigger Than Dad – S3:E9

featuring Bunny Madison.

Added On:

Nov 8, 2023


Bunny Madison is home from work a little early and she walks in on her stepson Max Fills on the phone. He’s having a conversation about his dick and how big it is. When she calls Max on it, he insists that it’s bigger than his dad’s. Bunny tells him that she has a great vag and he should prove how stacked she is.

Later, Bunny and Max bump into each other in the hallway. She immediately starts up asking him what he’s gonna do about it, push her against the wall and lick her up and down until she’s begging him to pump her full of cum? Max goes ahead and starts with the shoving against the wall part. Bunny melts as he pops her tits out and then eats her juicy pussy. She didn’t think he’d have the balls to do her.

They relocate to the bedroom so Bunny can get Max on his back and really get to know that nice big dick of his with her hands and mouth. Getting on top, she straddles her stepson and slides down onto his hardon so he can fuck her in cowgirl. When Bunny gets on her knees, Max gets to enjoy her big ass as he gives it to her in doggy. They wind it down with Bunny on her back, her landing strip coochie milking every bit of cum from her stepson as he gives her a big load. – Im Bigger Than Dad – S3:E9 added to Read More » – Stepmom Has Some Naughty Questions – S3:E8 added to

Mom Wants To Breed - Stepmom Has Some Naughty Questions - S3:E8

Mom Wants To BreedStepmom Has Some Naughty Questions – S3:E8

featuring Ricky Spanish and Sandy Love.

Added On:

Nov 2, 2023


Sandy Love knows her stepson Ricky Spanish is super into her, and she has some plans for him. She does a load of laundry that contains some of her sexiest lingerie. Ricky asks if Sandy wears these things, and Sandy agrees that she does. When Ricky inquires why his bigtit stepmommy isn’t wearing her lingerie now, Sandy jumps at the opportunity. She flashes her tits to ask what Ricky sees, then has him get on his back so she can flash him her pussy beneath her panties.

The next day, Sandy wanders into the living room to ask Ricky if he can see her nipples through her shirt. Instructing Ricky to feel them, she asks if they’re sticking out too much. As Sandy had hoped, Ricky pops a boner from feeling her breasts up. She asks to see it and can’t believe how big it is. This horny stepmilf can’t wait to get her hands and mouth all over that nice cock, and she’s even more enthusiastic about having Ricky explore her juicy cooch with his tongue.

Now it’s time for Sandy to get the big load she needs. She starts her pussy pounding on her knees with Ricky banging her from behind. Soon she hops onto the D so she can ride Ricky in reverse cowgirl as he palms those big ones. Turning around, she shoves her jugs into Ricky’s face as she keeps rocking her hips. When Sandy lays on her back, she spreads her thighs nice and wide to urge Ricky to give her one last big O and then milk him of a big creampie. – Stepmom Has Some Naughty Questions – S3:E8 added to Read More » – Stepmom Shows Us How To Get Pregnant – S3:E7 added to

Mom Wants To Breed - Stepmom Shows Us How To Get Pregnant - S3:E7

Mom Wants To BreedStepmom Shows Us How To Get Pregnant – S3:E7

featuring Cory Chase, Rion King and Xxlayna Marie.

Added On:

Oct 20, 2023


Cory Chase walks past her stepson Rion King’s door just as his girlfriend Xxlayna Marie tells him that she can’t wait to get pregnant. Cory instantly interrupts the couple, telling them there’s food. She can’t keep them away from one another, though; as soon as they’re done eating, they retreat back to Rion’s room. Soon enough Xxlayna is getting busy with Rion’s stiffie.

Seeing another way to make this work out in her favor, Cory barges in on the horny couple. She announces that she can help give them some techniques to make sure Rion’s cum hits the right spot to give Xxlayna the best chance of getting knocked up. Rion and Xxlayna accept, kicking off a threesome that begins with a blowjob courtesy of two hotties.

Starting the hardcore party off, Cory gets on Rion’s hardon and rides him in cowgirl. Then Xxlayna gets on her back so Rion can do her while Cory rides her tongue. On her knees, Xxlayna takes a doggy dicking down while she keeps on eating Cory out. When Rion gets to reenter his bigtit stepmom as she lays on her back, he can’t help but give her all that cum. Xxlayna freaks out, saying that she can’t believe he knocked his stepmom up instead of her! – Stepmom Shows Us How To Get Pregnant – S3:E7 added to Read More » – Stepmom Likes A Bad Boy – S3:E6 added to

Mom Wants To Breed - Stepmom Likes A Bad Boy - S3:E6

Mom Wants To BreedStepmom Likes A Bad Boy – S3:E6

featuring Barbie Feels.

Added On:

Oct 18, 2023


Barbie Feels finds her stepson Jodie Johnson’s bad report card. When Jodie tells Barbie to get off his dick, Barbie bends him over the counter and spanks him. She sends him to his room to think about what he said.

Later, Jodie is still unrepentant when Barbie comes to check on him. Barbie tries to spank Jodie again, but before she can get him on the bed Jodie whips out his dick. Since Jodie wants to play dirty, Barbie shoves him down and says she’s going to ride him until he gives her a big fat creampie. Next thing Jodie knows, his hot Aussie stepmom is indeed riding his cock and talking dirty to him.

Jodie isn’t afraid to tap that. He delivers a pussy licking and then receives a BJ in return as they each enjoy the flavor of their coupling. Then Jodie pounds Barbie in doggy and then from behind in a semi-spooning position. When Barbie gets on her back and spreads herself out, Jodie sinks balls deep back into that bare coochie and gives her the creampie she insists on receiving. – Stepmom Likes A Bad Boy – S3:E6 added to Read More » – Just Kens And A Milf – S3:E5 added to

Mom Wants To Breed - Just Kens And A Milf - S3:E5

Mom Wants To BreedJust Kens And A Milf – S3:E5

featuring Cassie Del Isla, Jay Romero and Parker Ambrose.

Added On:

Oct 6, 2023


Preparing for Halloween is one of Cassie Del Isla’s favorite things to do. She makes sure to get the candy ready where her stepson Jay Romero and his friend Parker Ambrose can admire her behind. With her short skirt riding up her thighs, Cassie is a real sight to behold. She knows the boys are looking and makes sure to drop some candy so they can really admire her ass and panties.

Cassie has agreed to anything the boys want for Halloween. When she walks into the living room and finds them dressed as fashion dolls, she realizes that her chance to play with these two younger bucks is finally there. The milf wastes no time admiring their outfits and then dropping to a crouch to play with the hardons that pop out through helpful holes. Stroking and sucking each one in turn, Cassie makes it clear she’s ready to tag team those dicks.

Getting on her knees on the couch, Cassie guides Parker by the cock and resumes sucking him off. Jay tugs Cassie’s leotard aside, rips her tights at the crotch, and sinks balls deep into that creamy coochie. Taking the boys out of their packaging, Cassie continues to play by riding Parker in cowgirl and blowing Jay’s hardon. When Cassie gets on her side, she slurps her own juices from Parker’s man meat while Jay spoons behind her until he nuts in her snatch. Parker slams back home into that velvet glove one last time and delivers a nice second creampie to Cassie. – Just Kens And A Milf – S3:E5 added to Read More » – Stepmom Wants My Meat More Than Her Veggies – S3:E4 added to

Mom Wants To Breed - Stepmom Wants My Meat More Than Her Veggies - S3:E4

Mom Wants To BreedStepmom Wants My Meat More Than Her Veggies – S3:E4

featuring Mandy Waters and Max Pierson.

Added On:

Oct 4, 2023


Mandy Waters is a horny milf of a stepmom. She needs more sex than her husband is giving her, especially since she’s hoping to get knocked up. When Mandy is unloading groceries, she finds a big cucumber and can’t help fantasizing about it being a big fat cock that will get her preggo. Her stepson, Max Pierson, wanders in and asks what Mandy is doing, to which she gets defensive.

Later, Mandy has snuck off to the bedroom to get busy masturbating with her personal cucumber. Max hears the moans and comes to investigate. He asks what Mandy is doing now and Mandy comes back that she just wants a baby. When Max points out that the cuke won’t get Mandy pregnant, she comments that Max can. Next thing Max knows, he’s got his stepmommy’s lips wrapped around his cock as she sucks him down.

Mandy finally gets the pussy pounding she’s been daydreaming about! First she gets dicked down on her back with her knees pulled up as far as they’ll go. Then she takes Max’s big one in doggy. Once Mandy has slurped her own juices from Max’s fuck stick, she rides him in cowgirl by rocking her hips in a hot little rhythm as Max kneads her titties. On her back one last time, Mandy reminds Max that he promised her a creampie and he delivers, much to her absolute delight. – Stepmom Wants My Meat More Than Her Veggies – S3:E4 added to Read More » – Stepmom Moves In – S3:E3 added to

Mom Wants To Breed - Stepmom Moves In - S3:E3

Mom Wants To BreedStepmom Moves In – S3:E3

featuring Barbie Feels, Juan El Caballo Loco and Nick Strokes.

Added On:

Sep 20, 2023


Barbie Feels is moving into the house with her new husband and stepson, Juan Loco. Juan and his friend Nick Feels watch Barbie move boxes around. They comment on how hot Barbie is, which she overhears. She has the boys come help her out and then comments on how strong their sperm must be.

Later, Nick has just finished telling Juan that his stepmom has a breeding fetish when Barbie struts out of her bedroom wearing just a sheer robe over sheer lingerie. It’s clear that it’s happening right now as Barbie orders the guys to their feet and drops to a crouch between them. Taking one hardon in each hand, Barbie strokes and sucks to demonstrate that she knows how to handle two guys at once.

Barbie wants that cum and she’ll do whatever it takes to get it. Still sucking Nick’s dick, Barbie lays back and lets Juan eat her out. Then she gets on her knees to slurp blow Juan as Nick fucks her from behind. Climbing onto Juan’s lap Barbie rides him in reverse Nick in cowgirl, cowgirl while sucking her own juices from Nick’s man meat. The boys swap out so Barbie can ride in cowgirl while she slurps Nick clean. When Barbie lays with her thighs spread, she sucks the cum right out of Nick while Juan gives her a big fat creampie she hopes will breed her. – Stepmom Moves In – S3:E3 added to Read More » – Stepmom Measures Our Dicks – S3:E2 added to

Mom Wants To Breed - Stepmom Measures Our Dicks - S3:E2

Mom Wants To BreedStepmom Measures Our Dicks – S3:E2

featuring Anya Olsen.

Added On:

Sep 7, 2023


Anya Olsen is a hot milf who is having a hard time dealing with being a stepmom. Her stepson Joshua Lewis and his friend Jayden Marcos are playing video games together, but eventually they make a commotion about who has t he bigger dick. To shut them up, Anya offers to measure them both and see who’s bigger.

When Anya makes good on her promise, she comes on hard to Jayden. Joshua protests even as Anya is pushing Jayden onto the bed and climbing on top of him to slide his dick into her creamy snatch. Anya tells Joshua that his father won’t get her pregnant and she wants to breed, so she’s getting some cum any way she can. At first, Joshua pretends it’s not happening but the opportunity to fuck his hot stepmum is too good to pass up. Soon he lets Anya gobble his cock as she keeps riding Jayden.

Joshua gets a chance to bang Anya in doggy as she sucks her own girl goo from Jayden’s cock. Then Anya sucks her juices from Joshua’s hardon as she gives Jayden another stiffie ride, this time in reverse cowgirl. Joshua gets to pump Anya full of the D one last time as she uses her sassy mouth and hot hands to stroke Jayden off all over her chest. Joshua’s cum is reserved for a creampie that will hopefully get his stepmom knocked up. – Stepmom Measures Our Dicks – S3:E2 added to Read More » – My Stepmom Is So Dirty – S3:E1 added to

Mom Wants To Breed - My Stepmom Is So Dirty - S3:E1

Mom Wants To BreedMy Stepmom Is So Dirty – S3:E1

featuring Jesse Pony.

Added On:

Aug 18, 2023


Jesse Pony and her stepson Juan Loco are very close. They chores together while exchanging smiles, and Jesse comes up with an excuse to lean forward in front of Juan so that she can let her miniskirt ride up her thighs for a sneak peak. Later, Juan helps Jesse fold laundry only for Jesse to criticize him again. Juan claims he can’t do anything right.

Jesse immediately tells Juan that he shouldn’t say that. When challenged to come up with something good to say about himself, Juan announces that he has a big dick. Upon investigation, Jesse realizes it’s bigger than her husband’s and that she wants to touch it right now. That, of course, leads to a nice handie and to Jesse peeling off all her clothes and getting on the bed so she can feel that big one inside her.

After fucking his stepmom in doggy, Juan gets to enjoy himself as Jesse rides him in reverse cowgirl. She creates a 69 with Juan so they can each enjoy their combined flavor. Then Jesse climbs back on top to give it to Juan in cowgirl. She finishes on her back in bed with Juan diving deep until he gluts her with the creampie that she’s craving. – My Stepmom Is So Dirty – S3:E1 added to Read More » – Flowers For My Stepmom – S2:E10 added to

Mom Wants To Breed - Flowers For My Stepmom - S2:E10

Mom Wants To BreedFlowers For My Stepmom – S2:E10

featuring Anya Olsen.

Added On:

Aug 4, 2023


Anya Olsen wants a baby, and she knows just how she’s going to get one. She brings flowers into the room where her stepson Lucky Fae is playing video games with his friend Jayden Marcos. Jayden gets kind of weird with Lucky, implying that he may have been the one to send Anya those flowers.

Later, some chocolates Jayden bought for Anya arrive and out their secret. Jayden claims that Lucky is just jealous because he wants to fuck Anya, and Lucky admits that’s correct. Fortunately, Anya can handle two young men at once. She pulls out both their stiffies to rub them down, getting on her knees so she can suck them off one after the other.

Now it’s time for the real fun to begin as Anya keeps slurping Lucky’s cock while Jayden fucks her in spooning. She rides Lucky in cowgirl while sucking her own juices from Jayden’s hardon. Lucky keeps on getting his dick wet as Anya slides off the couch until he pops inside her. Turning around, Anya takes a doggy style pussy pounding from Jayden as she sucks Lucky’s cock clean until he fills her with her second creampie. – Flowers For My Stepmom – S2:E10 added to Read More » – Stepmom Has Two Creampies For Lunch – S2:E9 added to

Mom Wants To Breed - Stepmom Has Two Creampies For Lunch - S2:E9

Mom Wants To BreedStepmom Has Two Creampies For Lunch – S2:E9

featuring Xochi Moon.

Added On:

Jul 26, 2023


Juan Loco creeps into his stepmom’s bedroom and watches as Xochi Moon slowly runs her hands across her chest to lotion herself up. It’s clear that the duo has an ongoing relationship, but Xochi tries to dissuade Juan by reminding him that Xochi’s husband, Ken Feels, will be home soon. Juan just keeps on kissing Xochi’s neck and moves his hands to her tits.

When Juan kneels to eat his stepmommy out, Xochi parts her thighs to let him put his tongue to work. The duo moves to the bedroom where Xochi sucks Juan off and then climbs onto his hardon to ride him in cowgirl. They almost get caught when Ken comes home early, but Juan manages to hide just in time. He’s in the perfect position to watch as Xochi seduces Ken, gobbling his hardon and then rolling over to get dicked down in doggy.

On her back, Xochi lifts one thigh to hook around Ken’s shoulder and urges him to pound her pussy until he blows his load inside her. Satisfied with his afternoon delight, Ken takes off back to work. When Juan comes out of hiding, he shoves his cock back in, doing Xochi in the same position. He, too, blows his load to give Xochi a double creampie that dribbles down her ass crack. – Stepmom Has Two Creampies For Lunch – S2:E9 added to Read More » – Stepmom Wants To Drain My Balls – S2:E8 added to

Mom Wants To Breed - Stepmom Wants To Drain My Balls - S2:E8

Mom Wants To BreedStepmom Wants To Drain My Balls – S2:E8

featuring Gina Gerson.

Added On:

Jul 19, 2023


Gina Gerson is adjusting to living with her new stepson Tommy Gold, and he’s making the same adjustments to her. The tanned European bombshell realizes that Tommy has been jacking off in the shower when she finds his cum on the glass wall. She confronts Tommy gently, telling him that it’s fine for him to feel those urges.

When Gina presses, she gets Tommy to admit that he fantasizes about her. From there, she helps him to understand that his sperm shouldn’t go on the walls; it should go inside her. Gina has him pop his hardon out to show her how he plays with himself. Within moments she has gone for the prize, stroking the shaft and sucking the head. Crawling into Tommy’s lap, Gina grinds against him through her jeans as she lets him suckle her tits.

Tommy isn’t about to deny his smokin’ hot stepmom’s request. When Gina sits on his dick in reverse cowgirl and begins to rock, he watches with rapt attention. Gina urges Tommy to eat her juicy pussy and then stick it in so she can enjoy a dicking down on her back. When she has sucked her juices clean from the D, she drops to her side for a spooning fuck. Rolling onto her knees, Gina mewls her way through a doggy style pounding. When she mounts Tommy in cowgirl, he finally blows his load inside her, leaving Gina full of cum and definitely pleased. – Stepmom Wants To Drain My Balls – S2:E8 added to Read More » – Stop Wasting Your Seed – S2:E7 added to

Mom Wants To Breed - Stop Wasting Your Seed - S2:E7

Mom Wants To BreedStop Wasting Your Seed – S2:E7

featuring Jennifer White.

Added On:

Jun 30, 2023


Jennifer White walks into her stepson Jay Romero’s bedroom and realizes that the entire room is filled with cummy tissues. At first she’s alarmed and grossed out, but then she realizes that her stepson can really nut. Just as Jennifer is confronting Jay about the situation, Jay’s friend Joshua Lewis arrives at the door for a study date. He offers to leave, but Jennifer has him sit down for the lesson she’s about to teach them both.

Instead of blowing their loads in tissues, Jennifer tells the boys that they’ll be cumming in her from now on. To prove she’s serious, she drops down onto her knees to take the guys’ cocks in hand and mouth. Stroking and sucking, the busty milf eventually pops her big boobies out so the boys can fondle them as she keeps working her magic on them.

Getting on her knees in bed, Jennifer has Joshua shove his dick into her in doggy as she keeps deep throating Jay. Jay gets a turn in the cooch as Jennifer rides him in reverse cowgirl while sucking her own juices from Joshua’s hardon. Then Jennifer rolls to her side for Joshua to get his dick wet again as she strokes and licks Jay. Joshua nuts into his friend’s stepmom first, followed by Jay giving Jennifer the same treatment for the first time, but definitely not the last. – Stop Wasting Your Seed – S2:E7 added to Read More » – My Stepmom Gets My Full Load – S2:E6 added to

Mom Wants To Breed - My Stepmom Gets My Full Load - S2:E6

Mom Wants To BreedMy Stepmom Gets My Full Load – S2:E6

featuring Jena Larose.

Added On:

Jun 16, 2023


Jena LaRose is a busty and curvy milf who just loves to make herself moan. Having a new stepson in Ricky Spanish doesn’t change that. Jena doesn’t realize what time Ricky gets home from school, so she’s busy masturbating. When she comes out and realizes that Ricky is there, she hesitates. Ricky is entranced and announces he wants to drop a big load into her but not if someone else has done it first.

Jena drops her robe to reveal her lingerie that hugs those boobs and that bottom, making it clear she hasn’t been fucking anyone else. Ricky can hardly believe his luck as he gets a hands-on tour of her body. When those puffy lips wrap around his dick to begin sucking, Ricky just throws his head back and lets Jena go. In return, he feasts on her juicy twat until she’s dripping for his cock.

Climbing on top of Ricky, Jena rides him in cowgirl before turning around in reverse cowgirl. Now that Ricky has had a taste of the goods, he’s super eager to go for it in doggy when Jena kneels and leans forward. She gives him a full frontal view of her incredible titties as she takes Ricky on her back while begging him to cum in her. Always obedient, Ricky gives Jena a big creampie, leaving her meaty pussy dripping. – My Stepmom Gets My Full Load – S2:E6 added to Read More » – God Wants You To Get Me Pregnant – S2:E5 added to

Mom Wants To Breed - God Wants You To Get Me Pregnant - S2:E5

Mom Wants To BreedGod Wants You To Get Me Pregnant – S2:E5

featuring Tiffany Madison.

Added On:

Jun 1, 2023


Tiffany Madison is super hot. When Jayden Marcos tells his friend Jay Romero that his stepmom is really hot, Jay confesses that whenever Tiffany gets really excited she starts to take her clothes off. Jayden agrees to come back for Bible study later that day so he can see what Jay is talking about.

Sure enough, as soon as Tiffany begins to welcome the boys to Bible study, her hands go right to her big boobies. Popping them out of her dress, she announces that the Lord wants them to get her pregnant. Next thing Jayden knows, his friend’s hot stepmomma has a cock in each hand as she strokes them to full attention. Taking a seat between the guys, Tiffany goes to work sucking them off one at a time.

Getting on her back, Tiffany spreads her thighs so that Jay can fill her up with his fuck stick while she keeps working Jayden’s hardon. Then she rides Jayden in reverse cowgirl while giving Jay a titty fuck between her big bazongas. On her knees, Tiffany takes Jay in a doggy style pussy pounding as she gobbles Jayden’s dick. She spoons with Jayden while sucking Jay until Jayden pops inside her. Then, turning around, Tiffany takes a second creampie courtesy of Jay. She hopes the sperm cocktail will get her preggo. – God Wants You To Get Me Pregnant – S2:E5 added to Read More » – My Stepmom Loves My Load – S2:E4 added to

Mom Wants To Breed - My Stepmom Loves My Load - S2:E4

Mom Wants To BreedMy Stepmom Loves My Load – S2:E4

featuring Liv Revamped.

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May 3, 2023


Liv Revamped is helping her stepson Jimmy Michaels get ready for the prom. She has gotten his suit all ready and makes sure that she’s there to answer any questions or address any concerns he may have. Jimmy confesses that he’s a little concerned he’ll get his super hot date pregnant because he cums a lot. Liv offers to let Jimmy pop a load in her beforehand so he doesn’t have any sperm left. When Jimmy laughs it off as a joke, Liv realizes that she was serious.

It turns out that Liv wants a baby and that her stepson’s big load is exactly what she needs to get pregnant. When Jimmy comes out wearing his suit it’s Liv’s time to shine. Dropping to her knees in front of her stepson, Liv offers to help him adjust his shirt and straighten his pants. Of course Jimmy pops a boner from that provocative image, so Liv once again offers to take his cum. This time, she’s not taking no for an answer.

Sucking Jimmy off to get him nice and primed to blow, Liv tells him exactly what she’s going to do to him. Then she makes good on it. Taking it in doggy is just the start as Liv shows Jimmy the pace she needs. Pushing her stepson to the couch, Liv rides him in cowgirl as he spanks that ass. Laying down on her back, Liv spreads her thighs and begs Jimmy to cum inside her. He’s happy to oblige, blowing his load in Liv’s snatch so she can hopefully make a baby. – My Stepmom Loves My Load – S2:E4 added to Read More »