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Deep Lush - All About Alexia

Deep LushAll About Alexia

featuring Alexia Anders, Owen Gray and Small Hands.

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Nov 29, 2023


Alexia joins Small Hands and I for an incredibly hot threesome. We take pleasure in focusing our energy on making her feel good and it shows with the multiple orgasms that she has throughout the video. We take turns fucking her in a bunch of positions and include a hitachi at times. While Alexia is riding me she begs for Small Hands to fuck her at the same time for an unplanned double vaginal penetration. The scene ends with Small Hands cumming all over her beautiful body and me cumming deep inside of her. – Too Hot To Handle added to

Deep Lush - Too Hot To Handle

Deep LushToo Hot To Handle

featuring Ember Snow and Owen Gray.

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Nov 15, 2023


Ember and I share our first experience together and I can’t get enough of her incredible body. I kiss and feel every part of her and lick her pussy. She gives me a passionate blowjob before I slide inside of her and we fuck in a bunch of positions. I help give her multiple orgasms with the assistance of a hitachi. There’s POV during parts of the blowjob and while she rides my cock. She licks my ass while I stroke my cock and then she finishes me off with a blowjob, completely draining me in her mouth. – Use It added to

Deep Lush - Use It

Deep LushUse It

featuring Andre Stone and Gracie Jane.

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Nov 11, 2023


Gracie can’t wait to get her mouth on Andre’s big cock and they start off going straight to oral. She gives him a wet and sloppy blowjob and he returns it by sucking her cock as well. She’s eager to get fucked and Andre gives it to her deep and hard in multiple positions. There’s POV shot during some of the blowjob. Gracie rides his cock in a couple of positions and they finish off in doggy. Andre uses her asshole until she opens up and he cums all over and inside of it. – Feeling It All added to

Deep Lush - Feeling It All

Deep LushFeeling It All

featuring Leila Lewis and Small Hands.

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Nov 8, 2023


Leila and Small Hands shoot their first scene together and ignite quite a fire with their energy. Leila brings out his animal side and they fuck like crazy and he makes her cum on his cock. They both sweat, moan, and laugh together throughout the scene. There’s POV during part of the blowjob and the video ends with them fucking in missionary until he cums inside of her. – Deep Fuck added to

Deep Lush - Deep Fuck

Deep LushDeep Fuck

featuring Isiah Maxwell and Katrina Colt.

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Nov 1, 2023


Katrina and Isiah reconnect in this video with wonderfully sensual energy. Katrina shows off her unbelievable deep throat skills and takes his cock all the way down to the base of it. Isiah brings up the energy and they fuck hard all over the bed. There’s POV shot during part of the blowjob and while she rides him. The scene ends with them fucking in reverse cowgirl until Isiah cums inside of her. – All About Delilah added to

Deep Lush - All About Delilah

Deep LushAll About Delilah

featuring Delilah Day, Owen Gray and Small Hands.

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Oct 25, 2023


Small Hands and I indulge in Delilah and kiss her all over her body. We take turns fucking her while the other gets a blowjob. We make her cum multiple times throughout the scene. She rides our cocks and we take turns fucking her over and over. The scene ends with us fucking in missionary and giving her two creampies until she is overflowing with cum from her pussy. – Cowgirl Creampie added to

Deep Lush - Cowgirl Creampie

Deep LushCowgirl Creampie

featuring Kayley Gunner and Seth Gamble.

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Oct 18, 2023


Kayley and Seth are both incredible performers and bring their skills together in a high energy and very hot scene. Seth takes control and licks her pussy after getting undressed. She has multiple orgasms while they fuck and they include a hitachi on her clit. There’s POV shot during some of the blowjob and while she rides him. The scene ends with them fucking in cowgirl until Kayley makes him cum in her pussy. – First Creampie added to

Deep Lush - First Creampie

Deep LushFirst Creampie

featuring Mina Luxx and Owen Gray.

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Oct 11, 2023


Mina and I have an intimate first encounter together and her body makes me absolutely insatiable. There’s plenty of eye contact and kissing throughout. Mina cums over and over again all over my cock while I fuck her in a bunch of positions. There’s POV while she gives me a sensual blowjob with her incredible lips and while she rides me. She licks my ass and balls before we finish in missionary. This scene was her first on screen creampie and I came extra deep inside of her with a close up of it dripping out. – Nasty Fun added to

Deep Lush - Nasty Fun

Deep LushNasty Fun

featuring Nade Nasty and Vanessa Vega.

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Oct 4, 2023


Vanessa and Tommy have super hot and wild chemistry together. They passionately kiss and truly go all in and indulge in every part of each other. Tommy follows her instruction using his fingers, mouth, and cock to make her cum multiple times. They fuck in a beautiful sweaty mess until the end of the scene where Vanessa finishes him off in a POV blowjob. – Fun And Nasty added to

Deep Lush - Fun And Nasty

Deep LushFun And Nasty

featuring Maya Farrell and Nade Nasty.

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Sep 27, 2023


Maya and Nade both love spit and getting dirty together. They kiss and give each other really wet oral. They have fun fucking in a bunch of positions on the bed and Maya sucks and rides his cock in POV. Maya shows off her amazing oral skills by licking Nade’s ass, balls and cock while he lays on the edge of the bed. The scene ends with a POV blowjob and Maya draining all of his cum in her mouth. – Cumming Together added to

Deep Lush - Cumming Together

Deep LushCumming Together

featuring Aiden Ashley, Owen Gray and Vanna Bardot.

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Sep 20, 2023


Aiden, Vanna, and I all have great chemistry together and we can’t wait to indulge in every part of one another. We all kiss and get undressed before I take turns licking each of their pussies and they do the same. I take turns fucking each of them while the other sits on their face. I use a vibrator and give them both orgasms before they spoil me with a double POV blowjob. Aiden rides my cock while Vanna sits on my face and then they trade places. The scene ends with me fucking Vanna in doggy while Aiden licks her clit from underneath until I cum in Vanna’s pussy and Aiden licks it all up. – Deep Creampie added to

Deep Lush - Deep Creampie

Deep LushDeep Creampie

featuring Mackenzie Mace and Owen Gray.

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Sep 13, 2023


Mackenzie and I meet for the first time and have great energy together. We start making out up against the wall before I bend her over and lick her pussy and asshole from behind. After fucking against the wall we move to the bed and try multiple different positions. I include a hitachi at times to help give her some orgasms and she spoils me with a hot blowjob shot in POV. There’s POV during some riding as well. The end of the scene includes some rimming before we finish in missionary and I cum deep inside of her.