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Cum Swapping Sis - We Love Cyber Monday - S5:E6

Cum Swapping SisWe Love Cyber Monday – S5:E6

featuring Joshua Lewis, Penelope Kay and Scarlet Skies.

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Nov 7, 2023


Scarlett Skies and Penelope Kay put on silver dresses. Penelope’s stepbrother Joshua Lewis asks what they’re doing. The girls explain that it’s Cyber Monday and they want to cyber. Joshua listens to them for a minute before rolling his eyes and walking away.

The girls aren’t about to take no for an answer. They follow Joshua to his room and tell him that they want to be his cyber girls. Since it means they want to fuck, Joshua is on board. Their first lesson is Penelope blowing Joshua’s cock and sucking his balls as his stepsister masturbates and watches. Then Penelope climbs on top for a reverse cowgirl stiffie ride while Scarlett does whatever she can for their pleasure.

When it’s Scarlett’s turn to enjoy her stepbro’s dick, she starts out on her back with Penelope sucking her titties and hard nips. Swapping out, Penelope enjoys the same treatment. When Scarlett gets on her knees, she takes a dicking down in doggy. Sated, they work together to make Joshua cum so they can play with their treat in a delightful end to their cyber antics. – Stepsis Knows A Thing Or Two About Semen And Sperm – S5:E5 added to

Cum Swapping Sis - Stepsis Knows A Thing Or Two About Semen And Sperm - S5:E5

Cum Swapping SisStepsis Knows A Thing Or Two About Semen And Sperm – S5:E5

featuring Jade Kimiko, Parker Ambrose and Xxlayna Marie.

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Oct 19, 2023


Xxlana Marie and Jade Kimiko are as close as can be. Today, they’re checking into the intricacies about sperm and semen while hanging out on the couch with Parker Ambrose, Xxlayna’s stepbrother. They read off facts about cum to Parker, and he calls them weird and leave.

The girls come corner Parker in his bedroom and tell him they want his cum. They want to make sure it’s normal so he can get Xxlayna preggo. Jade is there to aid and abet the stepsibling fuck fest. When the girls show their titties to prove they’re serious, Parker allows them to shove him back onto the bed so they can suck him down together.

The double BJ gets even hotter as Jade helps Xxlayna climb on top of Parker and rocks his world in cowgirl. Jade takes the opportunity for a tongue ride while Xxlayna is still going. The girls switch spots so that Jade can get on her knees and enjoy a doggy style pussy pounding as she eats Xxlayna out. On her back, Xxlana enjoys one final pussy pounding courtesy of Parker before taking a creampie. Jade is right there to play with the cum shot, sharing it back and forth with her BFF. – Can I Please Fuck Your Friend – S5:E4 added to

Cum Swapping Sis - Can I Please Fuck Your Friend - S5:E4

Cum Swapping SisCan I Please Fuck Your Friend – S5:E4

featuring Chanel Camryn and Katie Kush.

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Oct 7, 2023


Chanel Camryn sits between her friend Katie Kush and her stepbrother Lucas Frost. The trio is quiet, which Lucas’s mom Lindsay Lee notices. Lindsay is just happy to see them all getting along, but what she doesn’t know is that it’s because they’ve just finished banging one another in a fucktastic threesum.

When Lindsay left the stepsiblings and Katie earlier, Lucas waited until she was gone to beg Chanel to let him fuck her friend. They agree as long as Chanel can watch. At first, they claim Lucas needs to use a condom (which Katie applies with her mouth) so he doesn’t knock Katie up, but as soon as Katie puts Lucas’s hands on Chanel’s tits, she snaps the condom off. Next thing Lucas knows, he’s getting a double blowjob from his stepsister and her hot friend.

Chanel gets on her knees so Katie can watch Lucas’s cock slide in. Satisfied, Katie gets on her knees in front Chanel so her BFF can eat her out as she takes a doggy style pussy pounding. Swapping spots, Katie gets the D in doggy while eating Chanel out. When it’s Chanel’s turn again, Katie uses her hands and mouth to encourage both stepsiblings to cum. Lucas delivers his promised creampie to Chanel, which Katie sucks out so the girls can play with the jizz. – We Need The Real Thing Stepdad – S5:E3 added to

Cum Swapping Sis - We Need The Real Thing Stepdad - S5:E3

Cum Swapping SisWe Need The Real Thing Stepdad – S5:E3

featuring Ohana Petite and Tiffany Tatum.

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Sep 30, 2023


Tiffany Tatum and Ohana Petite are hanging out and sorting through clothes when Ohana admits she wishes Tiffany’s stepbrother was there. Since Tiffany’s stepbro isn’t around, the girls decide to get themselves off. Laying side by side, the girls watch each other masturbate. It’s nice, but Ohana needs a dick!

Finally, Tiffany has an idea to help them both out. She and Ohana change into lacy lingerie and go to Tiffany’s mom’s room where her stepdad, Renato, is trying to work. The girls don’t beat around the bush: They want his cum. Although Renato tries to protest, he’s silenced by kisses. By the time he has two certified nubile mouths sharing his cock, Renato is all about seeing this game through.

Ohana takes the first ride, mounting Renato in reverse cowgirl before Tiffany takes her turn in cowgirl. On her knees, Tiffany takes a pussy pounding from behind even as she eats Ohana out. Ohana gets another turn with the D when she lays with her head cradled in Tiffany’s lap and Renato pistoning in and out of her. The girls finally get their jizz when Renato nuts in Tiffany’s mouth and gives her a big load to snowball with Ohana. – My Hot Stepsisters Horny Friend Sleeps Over – S5:E2 added to

Cum Swapping Sis - My Hot Stepsisters Horny Friend Sleeps Over - S5:E2

Cum Swapping SisMy Hot Stepsisters Horny Friend Sleeps Over – S5:E2

featuring Demi Hawks, Lulu Chu, Parker Ambrose and Parker Ambrose.

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Sep 19, 2023


Lulu Chu and Demi Hawks are having a sleepover. Lulu’s stepbrother, Parker Ambrose, asks them what they’re doing and they tell him they’re making a shopping list for their slumber party. They invite Parker to join their party, but he declines since he assumes they’re just going to watch chick flicks.

Later, Parker hears moans and squeals coming from Lulu’s room. He finds them scissoring in bed with a dildo between them. When the girls offer to have Parker join in, he enthusiastically agrees this time. Pulling Parker’s pants down, the girls gobble his cock like it’s their last meal. Still on their knees, they turn around to present a pussy buffet for Parker to enjoy.

Things really kick off as Parker hammers Demi from behind as Demi eats Lulu out. Then Lulu rides Parker in reverse cowgirl while Demi masturbates and watches. Demi gets on her back for Parker to bone her while Lulu rides Demi’s tongue in reverse cowgirl. The girls tag out, with Lulu getting dicked down from behind while she laps at Demi’s clit. Sated, the girls blow Parker until he nuts in their mouths, giving them a treat to snowball. – Stepbrother Knows How To Take Care Of Our Plumbing – S5:E1 added to

Cum Swapping Sis - Stepbrother Knows How To Take Care Of Our Plumbing - S5:E1

Cum Swapping SisStepbrother Knows How To Take Care Of Our Plumbing – S5:E1

featuring Ivi Rein and Rika Fane.

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Sep 13, 2023


Ivi Rein and her girlfriend Rika Fane are having a plumbing problem at their apartment. Fortunately, Ivi’s stepbrother, Charlie Dean, is able to come over and take a look. The girls watch him work as they swing their legs and cuddle together. Seeing Charlie be such a nice strong man gives them both ideas on what else they can have him plumb.

Dipping out of the kitchen, the girls rush to don some sexy lingerie while Charlie goes to shower the dirt off. When Ivi and Rika corner Charlie in the living room, he can’t take his eyes off them. He’s eager to accept the gift they’re offering, as evidenced by his hot caresses and big hardon. It’s not long before Charlie is seated on the couch with his stepsister and her girlfriend gobbling his cock and balls.

Seating themselves with their thighs spread, the girls enjoy Charlie’s lips and fingers. Then Rika enjoys a reverse cowgirl stiffie ride as Ivi doubles down on both her lover’s and stepbrother’s pleasure before taking her own ride. On her knees, Rika finds herself in the middle of a stepsibling sandwich with Charlie fucking her in doggie and her tongue buried in Ivi’s twat. Ivi takes another ride on the D, this time in cowgirl as she and Charlie take turns eating Rika’s snatch. On her back, Rika takes one last pussy pounding while Ivi rides her tongue. When Charlie is ready to blow his nut, Ivi leans forward to take the load in her mouth so she can snowball and swap it with Rika. – Stepbros Big Idea Keeps Me Out Of Trouble – S4:E10 added to

Cum Swapping Sis - Stepbros Big Idea Keeps Me Out Of Trouble - S4:E10

Cum Swapping SisStepbros Big Idea Keeps Me Out Of Trouble – S4:E10

featuring Bonnie Dolce and Liz Ocean.

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Aug 23, 2023


Sam Bourne does his best to keep his stepsister Bonnie Dolce out of trouble. Dressed in their school uniforms, the Bonnie and her friend Liz Ocean try to hide that they’re exchanging kisses from Sam, but they’re not terribly subtle about it. Sam lets the make out session go on for a while before he comes over and asks if Bonnie’s mom knows she’s a lesbian or if he should tell.

The girls come up with a way to make everyone involved happy with the situation. They begin by agreeing to let Sam watch as they enjoy some girl on girl action. Sam’s commentary gets increasingly explicit as he asks for more skin and specific views. When he asks to see the girls’ asses, Bonnie lets him know that he can have them. Practically before Sam can register that, he has two hot nubile girls sucking down his dick while shedding clothing.

Bonnie is the first to help Sam get his dick wet as she mounts him in reverse cowgirl. Liz goes next, riding Sam in cowgirl as she feasts on Bonnie’s juicy cooch. When Bonnie gets on her side, Sam bangs her from behind as Bonnie eats Liz out. Liz gets to enjoy the way Sam feels inside her one last time as she takes a pussy pounding on her back. Sam gives it to her right up until he’s ready to blow his load. Bonnie is there to take his load and play cum swapping games, snowballing it back and forth with Liz. – It Was Sexier In The Nineties – S4:E9 added to

Cum Swapping Sis - It Was Sexier In The Nineties - S4:E9

Cum Swapping SisIt Was Sexier In The Nineties – S4:E9

featuring Angel Gostosa and Madi Collins.

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Aug 8, 2023


Angel Gostosa and Madi Collins are watching TV while Angel’s stepbrother Apollo Banks makes a lunch kit and plays with some toys from the 90s. The girls mock Apollo, but they agree to play the game with him. Once Apollo has taught them, Angel immediately wins all of his tokens and takes them to her room.

Later, the girls are enjoying ring pops together when Apollo comes to get his toys back. The girls tell him that he’ll have to give them something they really want: Apollo’s cum. He agrees, and the girls pounce. They put Apollo on his back so they can work together to suck his cock, priming him for a good fuck.

Madi takes the first turn, riding Apollo’s dick in reverse cowgirl. Then Angel gets her tun on her back with Apollo buried inside her and Madi on her face, muffling Angel’s moans with her pussy. Getting on her knees, Madi enjoys a doggy style pussy pounding as she eats Angel out. Then it’s Angel’s turn to get dicked down in doggy until Apollo pops in Madi’s mouth, leaving her with a cum prize to share with Angel as Apollo goes for his toys. – But We Are Not In Your Room – S4:E8 added to

Cum Swapping Sis - But We Are Not In Your Room - S4:E8

Cum Swapping SisBut We Are Not In Your Room – S4:E8

featuring Jade Maris and Myra Moans.

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Aug 2, 2023


Myra Moans and her friend Jade Maris are obsessed with Myra’s stepbrother. They want him to come play with them, but Max Fills is having none of it. The girls exchange looks and come up with a plan that they’re sure will draw Max in right away.

Returning decked out in lingerie, the girls make out in front of Max, getting increasingly handsy as Max watches. They lift one another’s miniskirts to squeeze and spank their asses. Then the girls turn to each other so that they can grope one another’s tits, even leaning forward to sample the nips. Finally, Max is brought into the fold as the girls join him on the bed to blow him together.

Myra indulges in the first pussy pounding as she kneels on the bed with Max banging her and her face buried between Jade’s thighs. When Max lays down, Jade rides in reverse cowgirl before shifting to Max’s face so Myra can go for it in cowgirl. Jade falls to her back so that Max can plow that bare snatch until he’s ready to blow. He pulls out in time to fill Myra’s mouth with his cumshot, leaving his stepsis and her friend with a salty gift to snowball and play with. – Stepsis And Her Hot Best Friend Devour Me – S4:E7 added to

Cum Swapping Sis - Stepsis And Her Hot Best Friend Devour Me - S4:E7

Cum Swapping SisStepsis And Her Hot Best Friend Devour Me – S4:E7

featuring Simon Kitty and Tiffany Tatum.

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Jul 24, 2023


Tiffany Tatum has told her best friend Simon Kitty that she got with her stepbrother Alex Spitter! They corner Alex and insist that he show Simon his dick. Just as Tiffany slides beneath the table to pull it out for Alex, her stepdad Steve joins them at the table. Simon and Alex cover for Tiffany when Steve asks where she is.

As Tiffany gets going stroking and sucking Alex off, he tries to hold the moan and talk to his dad at the same time. Once Steve takes off, the girls double team Alex’s hardon as Simon gets a good taste of that big dick. She wants so much more, so they retire to the living room couch where Simon gets to take the first ride on that fine fuck stick in reverse cowgirl.

Tiffany rides in cowgirl while leaning forward to eat Simon out. Then Tiffany climbs on top of Simon’s face so she can get her pussy licked as Simon gets her pussy pounded by Alex. Getting on her knees, Tiffany takes it in doggy as she feasts on Simon’s snatch. Mutually satisfied, the girls suck Alex off until he gives them a nice cum shot to snowball and play with. – Stepbrother Wants A Date – S4:E6 added to

Cum Swapping Sis - Stepbrother Wants A Date - S4:E6

Cum Swapping SisStepbrother Wants A Date – S4:E6

featuring Jade Maris and Scarlet Skies.

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Jul 9, 2023


Jade Maris can’t wait to call her bestie Scarlet Skies and share her big news. Jade’s stepbrother, Jayden Marcos, recently asked her out on a date and it was super cute. Jade turns Jayden down for the date, but she’ll let him breed her.

Scarlet comes over so the girls can double team Jayden. He claims it’s a double date and is happy to go with the flow. Jade takes the first taste of Jayden’s fuck stick, but soon Scarlett joins her. The girls take turns slurping the D, sucking the balls, and generally enjoying their double blow job.

Peeling off their clothes side by side, they present a pussy buffet to Jayden. Scarlet gets the first ride in reverse cowgirl as Jade rides Jayden’s tongue. Then Scarlet gets on her back so that Jade can make out with her as Jayden fucks his stepsis in doggy. He pulls Scarlet forward as Jade crawls up Scarlet’s body, leaving the redhead in the middle as Jayden pounds her and Jade can rock her hips against Scarlet’s lips. Swapping spots with Scarlet, Jade takes Jayden’s hardon between her thighs until he pulls out to pop on her belly and leave a nice treat for the girls to play with. – My Stepsis And Her Friend Get All Of My Cum – S4:E5 added to

Cum Swapping Sis - My Stepsis And Her Friend Get All Of My Cum - S4:E5

Cum Swapping SisMy Stepsis And Her Friend Get All Of My Cum – S4:E5

featuring Isabella De Laa and Kama Oxi.

Added On:

Jun 21, 2023


Isabella De Laa and Kama Oxi are hanging out together, looking at dirty content on their phone. When Isabella’s stepbrother, Charlie Dean, joins them, Kama refuses to speak directly to Charlie, instead whispering into Kama’s ear so she can talk for her. She asks through Kama if Charlie is single. He is!

Charlie joins the girls on the couch to keep on chatting. When Isabella asks through Kama if she can see Charlie’s dick, he’s cool to whip it out. Both girls are properly impressed. In fact, Isabella just reaches a hand out to begin stroking that nice hardon right away. Kama watches as Isabella and Charlie get increasingly intimate, masturbating at the hot sight. When Isabella begins blowing Charlie, Kama allows him to finger fuck her tight twat before joining in on the oral fun for double the fun.

Isabella helps Kama take the first go on Charlie’s hardon as she climbs aboard for a reverse cowgirl ride. Then Isabella takes her own turn in cowgirl while leaning forward to eat her BFF out. Rolling onto her back with Isabella laying on top of her, Kama creates a double pussy stack for Charlie to fuck. When Charlie is ready to blow his load, he gives it to Isabella in her mouth so that the girls can snowball it back forth while playing with the sticky delight. – Our Graduation Present – S4:E4 added to

Cum Swapping Sis - Our Graduation Present - S4:E4

Cum Swapping SisOur Graduation Present – S4:E4

featuring Hailey Rose and Liz Jordan.

Added On:

Jun 9, 2023


Liz Jordan and Hailey Rose are discussing their plans for graduation. Hailey claims that she’s going to bring a vibrator in case she gets bored. As they’re chatting, Hailey’s stepbrother Max Fills wanders in using text to speech to say that he’s going to go to graduation naked under his gown. The girls tell him there’s no way he’ll do it, and he dares them to do it as well.

Later, the trio are dressed in their graduation robes. Hailey is quietly confessing that she is indeed wearing a vibrator with a remote control when Max asks whether the girls have gone nude. Liz takes that opportunity to grab the remote and turn the toy on. Max pops an instant boner, and Hailey asks if she can peek under his robe to see it. She likes what she sees so much that she goes right for a cock feast. Liz initially masturbates, but soon enough she joins the stepsiblings for a graduation threesome.

Getting on her knees on the couch, Liz becomes the filling of a stepsibling sandwich as she eats Hailey out and takes a doggy style pussy pounding from Max. Then Hailey climbs on top of Max’s lap and rides him in reverse cowgirl. Liz enjoys a cowgirl ride, and then Hailey takes her place in the middle. On her back, Hailey eats Liz’s snatch while Max fucks her so hard her titties bounce. When Max pulls out, Liz jerks him off until he nuts on Hailey’s body, leaving a treat for the girls to play with back and forth. – Thoroughly Thanking My Stepdad For His Service – S4:E3 added to

Cum Swapping Sis - Thoroughly Thanking My Stepdad For His Service - S4:E3

Cum Swapping SisThoroughly Thanking My Stepdad For His Service – S4:E3

featuring Amber Stark, Leana Lovings and Scarlet Skies.

Added On:

May 19, 2023


Veteran Will Pounder has served his country, and now his stepdaughter Leana Lovings and her friends Amber Stark and Scarlet Skies are ready to thank him. They discuss how hot the vets were at the parade they’ve just returned from. When Amber claims she’d totally fuck a dad, they realize that Leana’s stepdad is the perfect vet to turn their attention to.

Will walks in just when they’re discussing how Leana walked in on him and that he has a nice cock. Amber and Scarlet try to flash him in thanks for his service, which makes Will think Leana spilled the beans about their so-called special arrangement. Turning Leana around, Will spanks her for being so naughty. That just gets all three girls even hotter for the D.

Taking Will to the couch, the trio gets busy. Leana shows the way, demonstrating how she loves to ride her stepdaddy in reverse cowgirl. Then Amber takes a turn in cowgirl. Getting on her back and laying her head in Amber’s lap, Scarlet spreads her thighs for Will to truly pound her pussy. The girls wind up on their knees to take a big facial that leaves them with plenty of cum to share and play with!