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Cheating Sis - I Want My Stepbrother To Watch - S1:E7

Cheating SisI Want My Stepbrother To Watch – S1:E7

featuring Joshua Lewis, Katie Kush and Nick Strokes.

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Nov 17, 2023


Katie Kush wants her stepbrother Nick Strokes to watch her fuck her boyfriend Joshua Lewis. She sets the scene by bargaining with Nick about chores, then corners him with her big question. Nick agrees to watch, so he hides in the closet while Katie goes to greet Joshua.

It’s not long before Katie is on her knees slurping Joshua down in a sloppy BJ as Nick strokes his meat behind the unwitting boyfriend. Every time Joshua closes his eyes, Katie reaches out to stroke Nick off too. Saying she has a special surprise for Joshua, Katie blindfolds him and gets him to lay down on the bed. She lifts her skirt and slides down onto his fuck stick in reverse cowgirl, which lets her also suck Nick off.

Pushing Nick back into the closer, Katie pulls the blindfold from Joshua’s eyes and urges him to come fuck her. Joshua pounds Katie’s pussy as Nick comes up behind him and pushes her toes together for a foot job. As soon as Joshua has glutted Katie with a creampie, he runs off and Nick comes in for some sloppy seconds. Katie blows him nice and eagerly, then gets on her knees so her stepbro can do her in doggy. She’s nice and slick but still tight enough that when Katie rolls onto her back Nick can’t help but give her a second big fat load deep in juicy coochie. – Lets Gangbang My Stepsister – S1:E6 added to

Cheating Sis - Lets Gangbang My Stepsister - S1:E6

Cheating SisLets Gangbang My Stepsister – S1:E6

featuring Anthony Pierce, Molly Little, Parker Ambrose and Rion King.

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Nov 2, 2023


Molly Little loves her some dick. She has asked her stepbrother, Parker Ambrose, to bring his friends Anthony Pierce and Rion King over for a foursome. The guys take a seat on the couch and discuss whether Molly is serious, but when she struts out in some hot lingerie and high heels, there’s no doubt at all that she’s going to make all of them very happy.

Starting with Parker, Molly pops the cock out and begins sucking. While her mouth is occupied, Molly’s hands stray to Anthony and Rion’s hardons so she can begin stroking them off. Getting their pants off, Molly rises and leans forward so they can all watch the show as she rolls her thong down her legs. Then she seats herself on Parker’s fuck stick so she can enjoy a stiffie ride as she continues to deliver dual handies to Anthony and Rion.

It turns into a true gang bang as the guys strip their clothes off and put Molly to the test. Rion gets to pound between Molly’s thighs as she strokes and sucks Parker and Anthony. Then it’s Anthony’s time to shine as he dicks Molly down in doggy while she continues to stay busy with her hands and mouth. Sitting the guys down side by side by side, Molly takes one last final cowgirl ride while stroking the others. Sated, she drops to her knees and urges her stepbrother and his friends to cover her in a shower of cum. – Stepbro And The Pool Guy Give Me Dp – S1:E5 added to

Cheating Sis - Stepbro And The Pool Guy Give Me Dp - S1:E5

Cheating SisStepbro And The Pool Guy Give Me Dp – S1:E5

featuring Maria Kazi, Parker Ambrose and Robby Echo.

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Oct 26, 2023


Maria Kaze and her stepbro Parker Ambrose are hanging out in the kitchen while the pool boy, Robby Echo, does his job outside. When Parker sees Maria staring at the window, he asks what she’s looking at. She’s blunt that she wants to fuck the pool boy, which gets them talking about how Maria was fucking Parker until he came inside her. Maria agrees to fuck Parker again if he brings the pool boy inside for her.

When Robby joins the stepsiblings inside the house, Maria gets right to the point. She liked when she saw Robby checking her out last week, and now she wants to do him. In fact, she wants both guys inside her right now. With one of Maria’s hands on each of their stiffies, the guys agree that they’re both game. She gets to her knees right then and there to blow them both, stroking the salami her mouth isn’t sucking.

Moving to the bedroom, Parker eats Maria out while Robby kneels behind her head so she can suck his cock and balls. Getting to her knees, Maria takes a doggy pussy pounding from Robby while continuing to guzzle Parker down. Parker gets on his back so Maria can ride him in reverse cowgirl, while Robby penetrates her from above for some DP. Maria takes another double dicking down as she kneels with Robby fucking her from behind and Parker from below. On her knees one last time, Maria enjoys Parker’s hardon bringing her off as she deep throats Robby. She rewards both men for playing nice as she gives them a double handie so they both cover her in cum. – Stepsis Wants To Be A Dirty Slut – S1:E4 added to

Cheating Sis - Stepsis Wants To Be A Dirty Slut - S1:E4

Cheating SisStepsis Wants To Be A Dirty Slut – S1:E4

featuring Chanel Camryn and Tyler Cruise.

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Oct 9, 2023


Chanel Camryn and her stepbrother Tyler Cruise are doing chores together in the kitchen when she receives a text from her boyfriend. That instantly puts Chanel off her good mood because her boyfriend is just too stinking nice. Despite her complaints, Chanel acts the part of a bubbly girlfriend when her boyfriend actually calls her phone. Tyler watches, confused, as Chanel walks off.

Later, Chanel is laying on Tyler’s bed complaining again when she has an idea. Flashing her tits for Tyler, Chanel simultaneously calls her boyfriend up. Tyler is all about fucking his stepsis as she tries to hold the moan for her boyfriend. Breathy from her doggy style pussy pounding, Chanel suggests a threesome. Her boyfriend is down to fuck until Chanel says she wants two guys. When her boyfriend declines, Chanel claims she has to go. What her boyfriend doesn’t know is that she she has to go be her stepbro’s cum slut.

There’s nothing gentle about the way the stepsibs go at it once Chanel is off the phone. A wet and sloppy BJ goes to a rough stiffie ride, first in cowgirl and then in reverse cowgirl. Tyler keeps on slamming into his stepsis as Chanel gets on her back. When Tyler is ready to blow his load, Chanel turns around in the bed so that her head is beneath his balls. He lets go, nutting all over Chanel’s face and body so she has the perfect getup for a selfie to send to her prudish boyfriend. – Fucking My Boyfriends Dad – S1:E3 added to

Cheating Sis - Fucking My Boyfriends Dad - S1:E3

Cheating SisFucking My Boyfriends Dad – S1:E3

featuring Clarke Kent and Tiana Blow.

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Sep 27, 2023


Tiana Blow has a boyfriend, but what she really wants to do is fuck Clarke Kent, her boyfriend’s dad. She tells her stepbrother about her plans and invites him to come watch. Even as she asks the question, Clarke arrives to help fix a loose bedframe. Tiana excuses herself long enough to turn a camera on, then climbs into bed to show Clarke the problem.

It’s clear from the get-go that Tiana isn’t wearing any panties beneath her miniskirt. She takes every excuse to show Clarke her coochie, and although Clarke tries not to look, Tiana doesn’t given up. Eventually she promises no one has to know, which is what Clarke needs to hear to give in to the urge to dive face first into that hairy fuck hole.

After sucking Clarke’s dick to her heart’s content, Tiana straddles his hips and rides the D in cowgirl. That’s when Tiana’s stepbrother pops into view, watching them fuck. That just turns Tiana on even more as she gives it to Clarke in reverse cowgirl and then takes a doggy style pussy pounding. The little exhibitionist is so turned on that even after Clarke fucks her on her back and then nuts on her tits, she wants her stepbro to fuck her too. – Fucking The Delivery Guy – S1:E2 added to

Cheating Sis - Fucking The Delivery Guy - S1:E2

Cheating SisFucking The Delivery Guy – S1:E2

featuring Aria Valencia and Joshua Lewis.

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Sep 23, 2023


Aria Valencia sets up a camera I the kitchen and then goes to tell her stepbrother to stay in his room until she tells him to come out. She offers to do his chores to make sure that he complies. Once Aria has assured her privacy, she skips to the kitchen where she bandages her foot and waits for a delivery with crutches at the ready.

Aria is expecting a grocery delivery, and when it arrives, she crutches her way to the door where Joshua Lewis is waiting with her goods. She begs him to come inside and help her unpack, and after a moment’s hesitation he agrees. It just takes accidentally-on-purpose dropping one of her items to get Joshua on his knees so he can see that Aria isn’t wearing anything beneath her miniskirt. She shoves his face into her pussy to eat her out, bringing her plan to full fruition.

Turning Aria around so that she’s kneeling on a stool, Joshua slams into her from behind. She gets on her knees to suck him off and then urges him onto the island so she can ride the stiffie. They get freaky on a stool as Aria’s moans grow in intensity. When Aria gets back on her knees and takes a mouthful of cum, she swallows it and then tells Joshua he can go now. Wandering back down the hallway naked, she tells her stepbrother that he’s welcome to come out now. – Ill Be Mommy – S1:E1 added to

Cheating Sis - Ill Be Mommy - S1:E1

Cheating SisIll Be Mommy – S1:E1

featuring Molly Little and Parker Ambrose.

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Sep 9, 2023


Molly Little takes advantage of her parents being gone to go exploring in their room. She sets up a camera to video tape herself as she tries on some of her stepmom’s clothes and jewelry. When Molly goes through the drawer, she finds a dildo and then some jewelry. What Molly doesn’t know as she continues to snoop is that her stepbrother, Parker Ambrose, is watching her.

Still playing to the camera, Molly goes in the closet and retrieves some of her stepmom’s lingerie to put on. Just as she slides the robe on, Molly is startled by Parker making a noise. Instead of being offended, Molly realizes that Parker wants her to role play mommy. When Parker doesn’t deny it, Molly pushes him onto the bed and crawls on top of him.

She begins their fuck fest by pulling her panties aside and crawling on top of Parker’s face so he can eat her out. Moving back down Parker’s body, Molly sucks him down nice and deep. Since she’s already straddling his hips, it’s easy to take his fuck stick all the way into her petite body. Hopping off the D, Molly gets on her knees so Parker can do her in doggy and then dick her down as they spoon together. When Parker is ready to nut, Molly begs him for all of it so she can take some close up video of her creampie to remember this moment.