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Tommy King

Tommy King @ Tommy was in her house alone and decided to stretch her butt to give her boyfriend anal sex. So Tommy called out to see if anyone was in the house. Nobody replied. Then she pulled her shorts down and got her favorite dildo and started trying to put it in her …

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Byron Long

Byron Long @ My pussy is fucking swollen today. Maybe I’m pregnant with a black baby? Wouldn’t that be nice. Or maybe my pussy just needs black cock? Just like my mouth needs it, and my ass needs it & my titties need it. What can I say, I’m just a black cock slut. …

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Miami Davis

Miami Davis @ When the fever hits there is no stopping a white man. Will had the fever. That black pussy fever. From the first time he slid his cock into the gorgeous Miami Davis he was hooked and hooked good on the A-1 prime black pussy. That’s what happens to a white man …

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Jade Valentine

Jade Valentine @ Isaih was intensly playing a game when his horny girlfriend Jade came to him wanting to fuck. Isiah pushed her away saying he was busy. Then Jade came in two more times to interrupt him to have sex. Isiah once again told her she was busy. The Jade sexually frustrated went …

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Victoria Sunshine

Victoria Sunshine @ Victoria has a spoiled step son named James thats home from college. James is doing poorly in school so Victoria was tasked with getting him a tutor to help with his grades. When the tutor came around to help James with his school work Victoria took one look at him and …

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Penelope Woods

Penelope Woods @ Penelope is always dressing up like a slut and constantly flirting with her step dad Evan. Finally Penelope, when her mom is out of town confronts her step dad with the fact that she knows who he is. Evan is an old school male porn star that she has been masturbating …

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Gia Paloma

Gia Paloma @ Gia Paloma It’s pretty well know around this town that Gia is one of the best cocksuckers on the planet. No one throws herself into her work like this black-dick-starved slut who could give lessons on the fine art of fellatio. If you love watching a world class cocksucker enthusiastically do …

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Ava Sinclaire

Ava Sinclaire @ When Lawson gets invited to stay at his old army captain’s house he had no idea what he had signed himself up for. Seems Captain Tile’s white wife is one hell of a nymphomaniac. So much so Lawson is recruited in to join them in the bedroom as she needs double …

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Alicia Alighatti

Alicia Alighatti @ Heya Guys! It’s me, Ruth, and you’re gonna luv this week’s update. It features a girl I’m calling Four Eyes Brace Face. Her name is usually Alicia Allighatti, but not for my site. I’m in charge here (duh!) so I have Four Eyes Brace Face over for some black dicking. I …

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Mckenzie Lee

Mckenzie Lee @ Mrs. Lee really likes the young man who is dating her daughter. Now if only he would fuck her in the ass. You see Mrs. Lee knows a young girl will stray if you are not properly laying that pipe. Especially when it comes to the poop chute. That’s one way to make sure she does not go off straying for some strange. You show a girl you can properly ass fuck her and she never leaves you. Being the good mom she is McKenzie lets Lawson know in no uncertain terms she is going to train him on how to pound a woman’s ass. We are talking balls slapping against the cunt lips deep. Anally probed and holed. Mrs. Lee has his cock rock hard immediately and is slobbering up a storm to get it nice and slippery to slide into her holes….

My Sis Hooks Me Up!

My Sis Hooks Me Up! @ I was really bored this weekend. I hadn’t had any black dick for a while & I was getting extremely horny. I went down to the bus stop but there weren’t any black men hanging around. What’s up with that??? So I called my sister Spring & she …

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Kenzie Love

Kenzie Love @ Lawson and Hollywood have been trying to complete their HS diplomas by going back to night school. It’s kind of sad but you don’t want to be a loser your whole life. Besides they have a hot looking teacher. Even better, she looks awfully familiar. Where have they seen her before? …

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Pound My Uterus

Pound My Uterus @ Yesterday we were shooting with a new guy and he fucking came after two pumps into me. I was bummed. 🙁 All these new guys think they can fuck so good, but I need to get fucked long & hard. So, today I invited Ace over again because I KNOW …

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Sweet Young Candi Summers

Sweet Young Candi Summers @ Me and my boy Hooks were walking around the hood today when we noticed this hot little blonde waiting for the bus. Her name was Candi …straight outta the midwest! Total farmer’s daughter type …perfect prey 😉 She recognized me from my website & was more than willing to …

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