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Shout out time! Hi Dan in Missouri, you big ol’ sissy! 🙂 And Darren in New Jersey! And Tom in Oregon! And Jason in far-away, exotic Hawaii! I know you’re my biggest fan Jason, and yes, you can be a cuckold any old time you want! Hee hee! And HI EVERYBODY! Boy, do I *luv* this week’s update! I call it 4 Hands, and I think you can guess why…hey, all you white boys out there! How many hands to cover your pee-pee? One? Maybe two? Well, take a look at what me and Lext ran into at the convience store across the street from my apartment! He has a name, but I think from now on he shall be named 4 Hands, and that is that! Watch Lexi gasp when 4 Hands pulls out all 12 inches of his massive dick. Boy do our pussies "talk" during this scene! LOL. Anyways, enjoy enjoy enjoy, and we’ll be talking again soon! And keep up with those e-mails….reading your mail makes my day, even if I don’t have time to answer them all! ; – ) XOXO — Spring

4 Hands 4 Hands

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